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    It appears like things are literally heating up in the world of Revaliir! Here are some Living World updates
    Something Is Happening!

    Reports have been pouring in from all over Canelux, cooking fires are leaping from the hearth and scorching the food they were supposed to be cooking. When the fire is extinguished, nothing remains. No ashes, no food. Naught but the smell of jasmine.

    Something is happening!

    Ongoing reports continue to come in regarding Canelux's oddly behaved fires, adding to the mystery are intermittent periods of darkness and hailstorms. The rowdy cooking fires have now moved from consuming the meals to consuming the cooks! What has possessed these flames?

    Definitely something is coming in the distance but what could it possibly be?
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    A Mother's Wish
    The Mother Loves and The Mother Waits. She changes but she stands still in time with her arms ever open.

    With Timedeath at a close the universe is more at peace. The damage that has been done will be forgotten ironically with time itself. Off the coast of Arri, the fog has rolled away and the walls that the Triune Goddess created falls with it. In their place, she found the island once known as Kortuna shrouded in the four seasons.

    The tree at the very top of the center mountain ranges all the seasons. For each segment of the tree with its season that part of the island is also that season. Angela has set up multiple impromptu airship ports with small airships running back and forth to the islands so everyone can enjoy. There are also ship ports as well.

    Angela has written a letter to everyone:

    "Dear citizens of Revaliir,
    It appears Timedeath has aged parts of the island so badly that they are now stuck in eternal seasons. The point of convergence was the tree itself most likely having the same point of energy as Lake Kirika in Sularia. That is why the island looks so drastically different all over. However, it is my wish that you take this time to appreciate our victory over the hands of destruction once more.

    I've set up way stations for people to get aboard airships and even ships at the port to reach Horae Island. I've renamed it as such since that is the name given to the group of daughters known as Terra, Ignius, Venti, and Glaciem. Those are also the names of our seasons so I thought it was the best name for the island in their honor.

    On the last night that I will be offering up this treat I will have the alchemists of Rose Hip Academy set off pyrotechnics into the starry night sky.

    Corrina guide you,
    Angela Rose
    The Mother"

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    Stories of Love

    With a lulling peace in the air, boredom soon follows. This is time a time known for love and happiness. The Goddess wishes to bring that to the citizens of Revaliir in her own way. There is a old, leather bound story book that was given to her by her predecessor. The book is full of tales that she had heard from around the world, each one handwritten into the pages. Rhea grew up reading these stories and knows them inside and out. They have grown dull to her and need a new spark of life.

    The Goddess may be using the season of love as an excuse to scratch an itch, and she has brought a new adventure for the citizens to enjoy. If one dares to enter the world of the story book, they will find themselves thrown into the role of one of the characters. To escape from the story book, the characters must see the story until the end.

    So the Goddess Rhea, curious, waits to see if you will take up her challenge. Let the magic in the air bring you to the land of the Story Book and see if you can find the happily ever after.

    Oh, and yes, Happy Valentine’s Day, for all who celebrate it! The event starts today and will run until the 28th of this month! So, you have the 14th - 28th, a good 2 weeks, to get the three event items! Have fun!


    In addition to the normal fun that can be had during the Stories of Love, we offer a small competition for people who wish to showcase their versions of the stories given. It will end at the same time as the normal event. You will be able to choose your partner you enter the competition with and you will need to work together to win the prize! You will be able to pick any of the five prompts that were given and you will be getting the drops for the event items at the same time!

    What is the prize you say? The main prize will be a love based spell or item worth up to 500 silver for each person. The second prize will be 250 silver.

    Requirements/ Rules:

    Two different people per story

    At least 3 posts per character, 6 posts total

    Threads should be between 2,500-5,000, We suggest keeping each post under 600 words, you will be judged on working together so a word max may help you.

    Gods may join,their powers are dulled down in the storybook and equal to the mortals.

    Judging (you will be judged together):

    Rules - 10 points - How well you follow our rules and grammar

    Cooperation - 10 points - Timeliness and how well you worked together

    Style - 10 points- Power and quality of your description-concise language

    Creativity - 10 points - Execution of the prompts and your personal, clever twists

    Item icon borders and backgrounds are now controlled via CSS, and we'll be replacing existing item icons with new ones with transparent backgrounds over the next little while. This will allow the backgrounds to be more uniform-looking, especially for icons in shops that have been scaled down.

    Messages have moved to the navbar. If you have an unread message, you'll see a number in bold beside "Messages".
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    The clouds gather, blotting out the sun. There follows a deep rumbling that echoes across all the lands of Canelux. Augurs look up, oracles consult the codices and the innards of unfortunate sacrifices. Card readers, astrologers and priests alike all know what is coming: The Tree is about to choose.

    But which pair of mortals shall ascend to the highest levels? Which two will be blessed or cursed with divine mantles? The world collectively holds its breath.

    It is time to select TWO candidates to serve as deities of Revaliir. Oh yes. I said TWO.

    I'll keep it short. Consult the guidelines and such in the links below. Fill in the form, PM it to the Voice and...well...sit back and wait!

    Happy application writing!

    This is what we look for in a deity.

    Character name:
    Brief character history (max 150 words):

    Our gods and goddesses don't have domains per se, for they have a title or function that defines them, which you can see just under the title of their temples. Our question is: what would your title be, and what would it mean for your character as a deity? How would they function as such? (Max 250 words)

    What would be your character's three god powers? (bear in mind that this does not have to be absolutely definitive as they would be subject to approval (should you be selected) but a general idea would be helpful.)
    As a deity, you would be expected to run events from time-to-time. Describe one such event that you would like to run. (max 150 words.)
    Why do you think you would make a good deity? This is your chance to tell us about yourself, why you feel qualified for the position, what qualities you feel you could bring to the deity mix and how you would function as a part of our expanding community. (max 250 words.)
    Provide us with an example of your writing. This can be from a thread you have already written, or it could be a piece you have specially written for this application. Whatever the case, it should feature the character you are applying with. (250 words max)
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