Prince, Norse God, Giant, nobleman wanted for a Viking RPG

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    Forum Name: "Tides of Valhalla” -

    Forum Genre: Historical/ Mythological/ Medieval

    Short forum description:
    A Viking RPG, where the Kingdom of Uppland gets isolated as Giants raid the mortal realm and the Gods stand silent in Asgard. The old king is dying. During his reign the warrior dead were sent to the heroic lands of Vahalla. But as his time comes to an end, his son is still too young to rule and  he cannot control the arguing noblemen, for monsters stalk the winter night as the longships find no plunder. Join us and change Viking history! Fate never looked so epic!

    Character Search:

    • The God of Wisdom, the Father of Battle, the Slayer of Ymir
    • Male
    • Lost his eye to attain the knowledge of the Pool of Mimir.
    More info on Odin can be found at

    2. SKYRMIR (Mountain), GIANT
    • Said to be the son of the Giant Chieftain and King Ut-gard Loki
    • Male
    • Skyrmir is the rebellious son of a powerful noble Giant in Jotunheim. Years ago he and several others escaped the Giant Home and set up their own hall somewhere deep in the lands of Oakenhold. There he has raided several Upplander steads and has created a small Dominion that he rules selfishly.
    • Between 17 to 25
    • Male
    • _____ is the young brash son of King Ulf Ravenseer. A member of one of the local Viking Societies, ____ is a skilled warrior that has almost attained the rank of Drottin (leader) in his brotherhood. Though he is young, some think he is ready to rule the Kingdom while others do not.

    4. _____ - JARL of OAKENHOLD

    • Between 26 to 40
    • Male
    • A member of the Allthing for several years, _____, is a powerful noble in their own right and commands the fortress of Raven's Harrow in Mountainhold. ____ has been eying the Upplander throne for many seasons and hopes to undermine Ulf's heir and the old King himself to put an end to Scylfing rule.

    Notes: There is an extensive compilation of resources on the board, for the use of the newcomers. Besides the outlined plots, there are several others possible.
  2. Elena

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    still needed...
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