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Character Wanted Possessive BFF in dragon fantasy RP

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Zozma, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Zozma

    Zozma Resident Game Owner

    [This ad is for WELKIN, a dragon fantasy!]

    Kage is Ru's best friend growing up in the Nether Rim village. They both grew up to be Abyss Guardians, which means they fight the Absym that threaten to try and overrun their continent otherwise.

    Here are the notes on Kage:

    -He's also a half Absym, which is why he and Ru became close.
    -He also is not aware of his status.
    -His mother passed away giving birth to him, but his human father loved him so dearly that he raised him rather than giving him up.
    -Kage is around the same age as Ru or up to 2-3 years older.
    -Kage is extremely OBNOXIOUS and it seems like not just his half-absym blood repels other people.
    -Kage is deeply and possessively in love with Ru.
    -This means he is going to absolutely HATE Aileran, Ru's new friend.
    -He also hates him because of the natural repellent between fae blooded and absym blooded.

    Face claim is wide open.
    Group is likely Warrior like Ru, but I'm flexible on this if you have other ideas.

    Please contact me in this thread to let me know if you're interested! Or if you PM me, PM my OOC account: Razza. We can also take it to the site Discord, if that makes you more comfortable.