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What team are you on?

  1. Team Valor

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  2. Team Mystic

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  3. Team Instinct

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  4. Team Rocket

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  1. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    For those of you who are playing, what's the most awesome Pokemon you've caught so far? Have you managed to catch any of your favourites yet from the first generation? How long do you think this particular fad will last? I'm not too surprised that it's blown up so quickly (20 years of brand marketing + wide device range release), but it's really interesting to watch the trend.
  2. Nano
    Anime Lover

    Nano Newcomer Game Owner

    It'll probably last for a good while. Surfing the web and reading all the drama a fairly small vocal group of users, like on reddit, are blowing out of proportion make it seem way less popular and consistent as it actually is. Even with the changes they made the last few days more or less, the game is still highly accessible, easy to understand on a base level and still speaks to almost everyone's secret behavior pattern of "Collect all the things". Just because the internet and hardcore gamers start enjoying it less, it's not gonna drop off the face of the earth. Non-coregamer teens, parents, and grandparents still exist who for the most part do not care about the technicalities.
    Couple that with the weight of the Pokemon brand nowadays and you got yourself a solid installation.

    Also, Valor, because joining Mystic has become a meme to me, every schlock who want to be cool joins it. Also, a 208 CP Bellsprout is my buffest pokemon right now, lording over a 201 Goldeen and a 152 Pidgeot plus a metric ton of Rattattas and Pidgeys. I don't play it overmuch, and ain't been doing much evolving or powering up, since i'm still increasing my level and keep finding stronger monsters randomly then the ones i tried to intentionally buff.
  3. Piyo

    Piyo Fresh Blood

    I got bored of it after reaching level 21 in a couple weeks. The grind is too hard after that and I got tired of catching a million of the same pokemon all the time. I got about 3 pokemon around the 1.5-1.7k CP range and a handful above 1k. But it was still a ton of fun when I was into it, I loved running around at night with 20+ strangers doing the same thing.

    I just think there is a lot the game could improve on and will probably return with a major update (trading, new pokemon etc)
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  4. Captain Riagain
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Captain Riagain Newcomer Game Owner

    As much as I loved the game when it came out like so many others the lack of features killed it for me. In going they all things like PvP and trading soon.
  5. Delphi

    Delphi Newcomer Game Owner

    I don't think it was so much the lack of features, but they REMOVED features when it was really big and THAT made me really stop playing so actively. When it first came out, we were downtown (because that's where ALL the pokestops and rare pokemon were) almost every three days. Now I haven't been down there in weeks. :/
  6. sceritz

    sceritz Newcomer

    I was playing hardcore for about the first month. After I hit 20 and I realized it was impossible to effectively level your stuff I almost quite. Now I only bring it up every few days or so.
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  7. Ahnkella

    Ahnkella Newcomer Game Owner

    I used to play often, going out on a daily basis and meeting up with groups, but now it seems the buzz has died down a lot and even spoofing is almost impossible.
  8. I don't play as much often since I'm stuck in my house most of the time. But when I do go out, I mostly try to be active by catching Pokemon, capture gyms, visit Pokestops... The usual stuff.

    As for changes, I'm actually on a neutral side about it. I like the gifting feature, but the PVP battles are a bit meh for me.
  9. I played right when it came out, and then started again when the Let's Go! games were released. They're excellent for farming Meltans. Especially now where the timer on the box has been reduced from 7 to 3. :D
  10. swiftyuki

    swiftyuki Newcomer

    I've been playing since it came out and would frequent it at uni because it was a hotspot for stops and gyms. It was also just a great place to hatch eggs because I walked everywhere ahah.
  11. EssGee

    EssGee Newcomer Game Owner

    I'm not able to play often due to my agoraphobia and where I live, but I love being able to go out with my husband and spend a day catching Pokemon, especially on Community Days! There's a park in our local city (about a 20 minute drive away) that has 19 stops and 3 Gyms so it's always teeming with people on Community Day.
  12. Pokemon

    Pokemon Newcomer

    Anyone still really play this?
  13. LasValencia

    LasValencia Newcomer Game Owner

    Oh wow, I forgot about pokemon Go
  14. Pastamancer

    Pastamancer Newcomer Game Owner

    I do! It's a great excuse to go for a walk.
  15. Nia

    Nia Newcomer Game Owner

    I played the crap out of it when it first launched but now I just play every now and then
  16. Sere

    Sere Resident Game Owner

    I seem to play off and on. Sometimes I am super into it and then other times I will not play for months. It is easy to pick back up again when I am in the mood.
  17. Dew

    Dew Newcomer

    I've gotten back into playing this recently out of pure boredom, but it's more interesting than I remembered!