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Closed Parental Units

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by grimfox, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

    Link to Site: here
    Link to Wanted Ad: here and here

    Site Description: Follow Me Down is an 18+ modern supernatural roleplay set in the fictional town of Crescent Ridge, Colorado. We have multiple supernatural species to choose from, and we're a friendly and welcoming bunch.

    Sofia Hernandez - 37


    As far as her daughter Jules is concerned, Sofia is dead. Born a witch, Sofia had a careless affair with a Hunter, and ended up pregnant. She refused to tell anyone who the father was, but somehow it got out. Despite going out of state to have the child, the Hunter's family found out, and followed them. Her daughter was taken away, and she was nearly killed. In fact, most people do think she's dead.

    Instead, she was found by a Siren named Daniella, who turned her to keep her alive. She has been living in New Mexico with her new companion ever since.

    Her daughter is now 16 years old, and now that she is on the radar, Sofia is coming back to Crescent Ridge to finally meet her daughter. This will likely not be an entirely wholesome family plot - there will be bitterness and fighting and spite, but I am definitely not opposed to them eventually being an actual family.

    Richard Voss - 40


    Richard Voss is typically a nice guy. He's a good dad, and contrary to many "rich people" stereotypes, he is an attentive father and husband who genuinely loves his family and those he holds close, blood relatives or not.

    Richard grew up in the Denver area, and although his family was never <i>exactly</i> poor, they weren't rich either. He didn't come into wealth until he was an adult and out of college. Having gone to school for engineering, he is a developer by trade. Richard is an incredibly intelligent man who has worked hard for what he has, and considers himself lucky to be able to support his family as well as he does.

    He and his family moved to Crescent Ridge roughly three years ago, wanting a bit of quiet without leaving the city behind entirely. He works with a real estate and contracting business, and enjoys the free time it leaves him to dally a bit in the supernatural world, as well as spend time with his family.

    When it comes to personality, Richard is often seen as kind of a dork at first meeting. He loves puns and horrible dad jokes, and is a caring person. He has a strong moral compass, and although he isn't supernatural himself, both of his parents were witches and he's well versed in the various types of supernatural creatures. He may not wheel and deal too much in the supernatural circles, but he's most definitely aware of them, and helps where he can when it comes to shaking off hunters or anything of the sort. He enjoys helping people.

    Most things not listed here can be discussed by contacting either Grim or Leviathan! Maximillian Voss (played by Leviathan) is Richard's son, and Juliette Ward (played by Grim) is Max's friend and sort-of-she-guesses a family friend.

    Contact Me Via: Replying to this thread, PM, Discord @ Grim#1313, or on the FMD Site Discord.
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