Our Marvel Collaborative Fan-Fiction (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Game News & Discussions' started by RachD, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. As 2 moderators who have very busy IRL going on, Q and I decided to condense our focus in the group to 2 factions at a time. We go through storylines for those chosen factions and then once we come to the closing of a storyline, we decide on if we should keep that faction or open a third or trade a faction for another one. The factions we've had thus far have been:

    X-Men, Avengers, Brotherhood, X-Force, Hellions, Marvel Defenders, Marvel Knights, and our own original group called the Wild Ones - a mercenary group owned by Victor Creed.

    We're open to suggestions made by our writers and decide on which factions to run next based on our writers.

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