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  1. europeanlass

    europeanlass Newcomer Game Owner

    You walked right into this one, mate c;

    Hey there, so, I'm EuropeanLass! I'm in love with human RPs, I play LioDen & a few other games.
    My favourite TV shows are Modern Family, TWD, OUAT, NCIS and more xP

    I also administrate my own Mafia/Crime RP, so if you're interested feel free to PM me or leave a reply ^^
  2. Itazuki

    Itazuki Newcomer

    Lol hey man. I'm into anime, so ya sorry. I've got an anime based rp available! Anyways nice meeting you ahaha!
  3. TSN

    TSN Newcomer

    Hi there! I love lioden<3 It's so much fun :D
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Not open for further replies.