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Discussion in 'Code Help' started by Tartle, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Tartle

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    Okay I just had a soft open on my site and two very helpful individuals passed through to give me a heads up that things weren’t working. Well one major issue and fixing that sort of made the second thing go wonky.

    With the mobile version of jcink I made zero effort to try and figure out mobile responsiveness settings. Half the page was showing and you could scroll to see the parts off to the right. So I fixed this by removing media and viewport css and bootstrap backend codes. Then doing that made the hover menu switch to movible and I could not switch it back! I would remove the mobile menu and the. The rest of the menu would poof completely. So I found a new mega menu.

    I need EYES to tell me if things are working as they should.
  2. Mim

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    Looks to me everything is as it should be. I can only say one small negativity and that is overall the home page is so busy. There is a LOT to look over which is great, but I think for your site so some of the important information can be highlighted you could think about adding a portal as a home page. Otherwise great job.