Nanowrimo Participation?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by LunarRain015, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. So who's going to do NNWM this year? I've done it for the last two years but I'm debating if I should do it this year. My first year's novel I ended up not going any further with because it became unfeasible. I really liked what I wrote last year and I feel like I ought to develop it. However there IS something addictive about NNWM.
  2. I just hit the 5k mark on my novel for this year! I have never won before, but I'm doing well so far, so hopefully this year will be the first.

    Of course, when I say "doing well", I mean I'm keeping up with my word count goals each day. The quality of those words is another matter entirely...
  3. I have to much to do this month for me to do NNWM and feel good about it. I hate making the decision but that's life sometimes. I am going to keep working on the novel I started last year because I think it has potential and perhaps for once I need to focus on finishing a novel totally in my own time.
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  4. I know how that goes. I was looking back on my record of participations and it turns out I reliably try it every two years. I guess life just happens to me biannually.

    I'm sure I'm just like everyone else on this forum when I mention I've been trying to write novels since I was a kid. I've never finished one, though, because I always end up wanting to move on to another idea. NaNo might just be what it takes for me to achieve that big "The End". I hope so.

    Good luck with your novel, Lunar!
  5. Brittlez

    Brittlez Resident Game Owner

    I am not simply because I took on way too many threads on the rp site I am on ;-; 21 threads lol
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  6. Thank you Lyre! :) I am also working on an ebook (non-fiction) that has a high chance of being done. :)
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  7. langleyco

    langleyco Newcomer

    I was a major participant in a ceremony in November that I had to study a lot for, so I couldn't do much in NaNo until last Friday. I'm doing NaNo, but unofficially, this year.
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  8. Tried to do it last year, got about 100 pages in and wound up spending the majority of November in the hospital. Oh well...
  9. Michael Aravan

    Michael Aravan Commanding Officer Game Owner

    I've tried it once or twice but ran out of time. Much sadness
  10. Phineas

    Phineas Newcomer

    i never have the time for it in November because my semester is ending.
    If it was over the summer, I'd be more available and willing to even try.
  11. Rumham

    Rumham Newcomer

    I think Phineas makes a good point in that it's such an awkward time of year for students! Holidays are coming up, semesters are winding down. And flu season, anyone? I feel like I'm always sick or busy when NaNo rolls around. A friend tried to rope me into it back in 2015 and I was so excited, but around October 29th the work crept in and I blew it.
  12. Bamf

    Bamf Resident Game Owner

    I'm be honest. I have no idea what that is.
  13. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    Who's doing Camp NaNo in April? I will!
  14. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    I never really got into it. But I did do a graphics version sort of. Do artwork for people doing NaNo :)
  15. hypnosis
    Apple Fan

    hypnosis Newcomer Game Owner

    I have attempted to do something for NaNo month, but I never really get into it. I know a few people that have been rewarded for NaNo month.
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  16. Archivist

    Archivist Resident Game Owner

    I tried it one year, ODed on coffee, my computer was infected with a virus, but I passed 24,000 words.
    I have sworn, because of the hell I experienced, that I would never do it again.
  17. Somniac

    Somniac Resident Game Owner

    Planning on doing it again this year. The community challenges and participation goes a long way.
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