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Character Wanted modern supernatural // arranged marriage // Lost Friendships // Enemies

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by TheVineyard, May 9, 2018.

  1. TheVineyard

    TheVineyard Newcomer Game Owner

    Site name and link: The Devil In Salem
    Site genre: Modern Fantasy
    Site info:


    The setting
    Salem, Massachusetts—the supernatural side of things is a world-wide secret; mortal humans exist entirely ignorant of it.

    The plot

    Salem's largest shifter pack is forming a controversial alliance with Salem's primary witch coven. While witches have always been neutral in the rivalry between wolves and vampires—the killing of an important witch sparked the coven's sudden interest in driving the undead creatures out of Salem once and for all. This shift of traditional neutrality is (for now) an isolated incident. What is happening in Salem does not reflect the views of outside groups and parties.
    The plan

    The alliance has been solidified through an arranged marriage between a high council witch and the wolf pack's heir to power. To gain further advantage and united strength, a hybrid child is expected from the union. Following the marriage might come other unions, but will not be discussed or arranged until success has been proven.

    Each party has been permitted a companion and watch guard of sorts to have nearby throughout the accommodations—a safeguard put in place for added security... from both inside and outside forces.

    Join us!

    3 3 3 Rating . Soft Opening . Casual writing atmosphere. Character connect a must

    Your name: CL
    Contact info: The Devil In Salem Please also feel free to PM me on here. Just be aware that I don't routinely check this forum. Thank you!
    Role(s) requested:


    Leader Of The Pack

    Species- Shifter ( Wolf royalty )

    She is the half sister of Dominic Pierce, how both writers decide to depict the relationship is fully up to them. Some back history, however; is that Dominic fully intended to step in as alpha upon the death of their father who is currently pack leader. Naturally as one of the stronger males it seemed highly likely he would obtain the position. But nothing is ever written in stone and somethings are just to good to pass up. Like the arrangement between the witches and wolves.

    That arrangement being that Candice ( we'll call her that for conveyance) and Edmond ( the son of the covens second in command) marry and produce a hybrid child.

    *** The marriage arrangement length is open for discussion! Also any idea's pertaining to this arrangement between witches and wolves. Please note that since this is a large role we expect the writer to be active and willing to come in with ideas! We would also like it known that this role will begin on a trail base/ chemistry between all writers involved!

    Original Ad- Leader Of The Pack


    Queen Bee's Attedant


    Species - Wolf

    The attendant position is open and flexible to writer creativity however; it is strongly encouraged that collaboration between characters who will regularly interact try discussing/connecting/incorporating some history between characters aside from just their species/packs. Maybe she resents the position? Maybe she loves it? Maybe she's envious? All up to you!

    Orginal Ad- One Queen to Rule them all




    Species- Open

    "Red Thursday" retired from the army and moved to Salem three years ago. She and Rowen worked together, and she used to be a combat medic who patched him up a few times during and after a fire fight. She got out before him, and decided to take up medical practice as a local doctor. Rowen and her parted ways on neutral terms, both military minded, they just went there own ways.

    Original Ad - Colors Of The Day
  2. TheVineyard

    TheVineyard Newcomer Game Owner

    Group Of Misfits

    The King

    • 25-30
    • HUMAN
    • "LEADER"

    "That's All Their Is."

    This is the Gansey inspired character. He's smart, headstrong, and really cares about his friends. He's kind of the glue that keeps them all together. He's a true believer in all the rumors about magic and mystery in Salem.
    out of the whole group, this is Digs best friend. I have a few ideas on how they met depending on the age you go with. I'd love to build them up together! The face is changeable just run it by me first!

    * Ad link in title!

    The Raven

    • 25-30
    • OPEN JOB

    "A Heart Attack That Never Stops."

    This asshole here. Is the Ronan inspired character. (yes, I know he should be a dream witch, but w/e I like the idea of him being a shifter Anyway - this guy is going to be the one that causes the most trouble, talks back to everyone be secretly is a cinnamon roll.

    He drops trash just to piss off Digs, and generally is basically THAT person. Digs questions why he is even part of the group sometimes but, the KING likes him so....??????????

    *Full ad link in title

    The Mirror

    • 20-25
    • WITCH
    • OPEN JOB
    • "MOTHER HEN"

    "Blue Lily, Lily Blue."

    This little witchling is the Blue inspired character. She's smol and precious and everyone loves her. She hella cares about her friends and will fight anyone for them, including fighting them. She has NO idea what she's doing half the time and questions everything. Here power focus is up to whoever takes her!

    When it comes to Digs and this gal, they are close, but not as close as she is with the KING - see what I mean about him being the glue? anyway. They still hang all the time, and generally enjoy each others company.

    * Misfit links to full ad in titles!