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  1. Jimlock

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    Well hello there, longtime Jim Moriarty ( BBC Sherlock) and the Master ( Dr Who) player...

    I don't usually do one on ones except in very special cases, and even then I need an audience so I never do email rp etc. I prefer Skype group rp and Forum message board rp, always in groups, always in structured plots -- but I dislike micro managing how it all plays out.

    I prefer Multiverse and Panfandom, always allowing for multiples of characters to be around if it works out that way.

    I am writing in an established Forum and on a Skype rpg that has just started, and I'm hoping to meet some good roleplayers here ...I have absolutely no limits or triggers in writing and I will write any pairing, any genre, any orientation, I have no squeamishness or judgement on any roleplay. I can go extremely dark, I'd say the only thing that bores me is genuine fluff -- I do like happy endings but they have to be for my bad guys too .

    My Skype is jimlock ( Sherlock/Jim) and as you can tell I am a dedicated slasher/shipper, however I have written ALL pairings for many years and I'm not a one trick pony. Sherlock and Moriarty and Doctor and Master are my favourites but I have many others (Ocelot/Big Boss, Liquid/Solid, Sephiroth/Genesis/Angeal etc))

    Don't be afraid to message me, I only bite if you ask.
  2. Mim

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    Well howdy doody Jim, glad to meet you here at the fix. You have a nice RP CV going there for you. :)
  3. Jimlock

    Jimlock Newcomer Game Owner

    Thank you. Hoping to meet some good rp'ers here, who are interested in Forum rp and group rp ...
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  4. Mim

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    Forum RPG's is all I do ^_^ Just click on my siggy <(")
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  5. Jimlock

    Jimlock Newcomer Game Owner

    Forums are good, they do allow the most expression I think!
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  6. Lure Master

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    Welcome RPGFix, @Jimlock

    Like the "Rogue of all Space and Time" I only do forum RPG's as well. In my case though there is a downside, I tend to get a little long-winded in some of my replies, :p
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  7. Jimlock

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    Long replies are good!! On my Site we prize that to be honest ...
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  8. Sekah

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    PS: I love Jimlock sooo much.
  9. Bamf

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    Love Sherlock. I used 'The Woman' as a muse for a DC character I play. Jimlock <3