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Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Leah, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Leah

    Leah Newcomer

    So I use a pc. Windows pc to be more specific I guess. But I have heard so many great things about macs though I personally never used one. What exactly IS the difference? I know I could look it up but of course the company websites want you to know how awesome their product is. I would like to know from someone's personal experience, what the differences are.
  2. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Preface: I use Ubuntu (it's free!) and a MacBook Pro at work. I dual boot and Windows 7 & Ubuntu, and also have a MacBook Air at home.

    This has become tricker in recent years. Macs used to be hands down, better than PCs for doing graphic design work ~10 years ago. Not so true anymore (despite what people over 35 might try to tell you). Nearly all computers are made out of the same, or very similar parts these days. So what's the difference between a Mac and PC?

    The aesthetic and the operating system (okay, and price tag).

    If you like the look and feel of it, then go for it. Use whatever tool you think is right for the job. :) I'm pretty operating system agnostic, but I do think that each has its strengths and weaknesses. I like programming in Ubuntu just because of how customizable it is and once you learn how to work the command line, you can't be stopped. I like drawing and painting in Windows 7 because it feels very stable. I like writing the best on the Mac (Scrivener is amazing, but it also exists for the PC now), as well as all of the pretty eye-candy applications.
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  3. Klaud

    Klaud Newcomer

    I probably wont be much help haha but heres my opinion on the two:

    Macs are pretty fun and have a lot of cool little features. But it also is kinda confusing and the Desktop annoys me. I am a PC user and when I used Macs i honestly hated them with such a passion because it's not the same as windows at all haha. Though I did get more used to it and I do enjoy it more.

    But I still like my Windows and windows 7 to me is amazing and great, and the only thing that I liked a lot on the mac was the little dock, and since windows has it now I'm satisfied with my computer :p
  4. Lila

    Lila Fresh Blood

    Macs are great and hardly confusing. If you are making the switch from windows then yes, it will take some getting used to....but its well worth it. It's not hard to adjust, and once you do, you may find PC's to be annoying - at least for me that's what happened. The only downside for Macs is the initial price tag, but after that everything is spiffy. I do graphics and coding, I find the experience more inspiring when using a Mac.

    If you intend to use it for gaming, then yes..mac won't be for you.
  5. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Gaming on a Mac... kind of depends these days. :) Steam has a Mac catalog. It's pretty sweet because some games are cross-platform compatible, and if you buy one version, you get it for all of the platforms that it's been released on. Awesome deal.

    The MBA fits perfectly in my purse... lol.

    Also worth noting is the fact that the older MacBook Pros (~2008) run really hot and attract felines.
  6. Leah

    Leah Newcomer

    Thanks for all of your input. (Everyone) ^^

    I was able to try out a MAC at my local best buy and it IS pretty cool and I like the general setup but I can see how it would take some getting used to. But a am a creature of comfort and I think after much debate im sticking with my ol windows =/ NOW I just can't decide on what type of laptop I am going to get.

    I did have one question and I wasn't able to fiddle around long enough to figure it out, but is there any type of 'start' menu on the mac? If it is setup like I was thinking, I like the idea of not having a billion folders and 'areas' to search through as you do on windows start area. But again, I didn't have much time as I would have liked to play around with it maybe then it would have been more clear. AND GOSH I got bombarded every five minutes by an employee I finally had to get a little stern with the fella and say 'Im just looking around thank you I will come and get you if I need anything' haha, I understand where he is coming from but at least give me ten minutes or so before returning again and again xD
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