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    I've encountered that theme problem as well. Fortunately, there are dozens if not tons of sites that offer free styles/themes. We actually had one member who provided her own themes- because as she said: "that's how I roll". That was pretty cool of her. And she said we could keep them if she quit. She was a decent and prolific poster- never did know what happened to her. She was one who just vanished. I got to know her pretty well and hope she's doing okay. I hope it was something simple and good in her life that took her away as opposed to something dark and sinister.

    SMF- this is simple forums. right? I've used these in the past and they were well received by the members. There's just one problem that's a must have with the Org. They did not have a feature that allowed for reuse of an e-mail address. This is something phpBB does have. At the Org, players with multiple characters need a separate account for OOC and one for each character- we identify the owner of the accounts by the e-mail addresses.
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    Hi there Arch,

    I'm fairly familar with phpBB, if you need some help admin wise I'd be glad to do so.
    With SMF, there is a mod called 'sub accounts' I use it on two of my boards. It allows members to create multiple accounts off your main OOC account for the purpose of RPing. It is glitchy in some themes, but when it works, it does work well. Best system ever really, as you don't need to worry about multiple logs ins. There is a simple 'account switcher' that drops you into your other accounts.
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