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Roleplay Chum Wanted Long term roleplay partner wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by BritAlyQN, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. BritAlyQN

    BritAlyQN Newcomer

    I am looking for a long term partner, who is comfortable with adult themes,original characters/plots and communicating via KIK or discord. I prefer having a partner who is comfortable talking about non roleplay things as well, as I enjoy talking in general.

    I am a female, and I've been role-playing for 10+ years. I started in forums at 14, went to chat rooms on and off(Marvel,fandoms,star wars), and I was previously doing roleplay on DA, before my style evolved more into multi paragraphs. I use original characters.I respond at least TWICE in a 24 hour period, but ideally the more responses I can get in one session are best. I created my own race of fae/human hybrids, and prefer to use semi to full immortal characters, for myself,in a modern world(Each strength has an equal weakness aka no godmoding. ). I use roleplay to relax and develop my characters.

    I expect my partner to be able AND willing to write detailed paragraphs with 4 or more sentences. As well as respond 2 or more times DAILY. If an emergency comes up, I am flexible but I'm looking for a committed partner first and foremost. (Basically I'm asking don't ghost me or not respond for days and have no excuse. If you can't respond because of an emergency that's one thing, but if you got busy and forgot and repeat that pattern, that's an issue. ) Original characters are preferred. Adult themes will happen, but it has to make sense for the plot line. I like role-playing 18+ things that happen in bedrooms. (I wasn't sure how to word it so I wouldn't violate the rules. ) You would be expected to help create a plot we both benefit from. Please read the lists below for more details.

    Yaoi/Yuri/Straight (I'm looking for Yuri at the moment)
    18+ (I have mostly dominant characters. )
    Fantasy/action /modern world plots
    Kinks(More details in private message)
    Mythical humanoid creatures(faeries,vampyres,werewolves,demons,witches,mermaids,etc)
    Pregnancy/ family themes
    Basic grammar/spelling

    Post apocalyptic /fandom/war plots (Some fighting is okay, but not when it's an all out battle and nothing else)
    Bodily fluids kinks(Except blood)
    Tickle kink
    Script style

    If your interested in finding out more, please send me a message.