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Closed Large Werewolf Family

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by grimfox, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

    Original Ad: http://tempestharbor.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=ST&f=109&t=12492

    SO! The Cleary family hails from a large farm outside of Dublin, Ireland. Their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are all Irish, all from the same general place. (The farm has been in the family for generations.) Most of these characters have similar, but fairly open ended backgrounds. After they turned 18, they could have stayed near home, moved to the US, moved to another country, anything. I do have specific wants and needs from them, but for the most part I’m almost always willing to shift things if you have good ideas! I’m very flexible.

    The Cleary children had a fairly tumultuous childhood. There were a lot of them, and even more cousins and aunts and uncles. There was a lot of fun, but also a lot of accidents and things of that nature. Please note that joking around/plotting about their childhood (“Hey, I feel like one time, Killian jumped off the roof and Gabby followed him like a moron and broke her arm, sound good?” // “Hey, I think when Desmond got sick of the twins as toddlers, he gave them sippy cups and put them in dog cages, any objections?”) is a preferred ability!

    Things were always loud, and things were always busy. Their mother was very loving, but very strict, and their father… Well, he had some issues. Ma was the real backbone of the family, and she remains so to this day.

    Another important note is that the family fell apart around eleven years ago, when Brian found out that his wife had cheated on him various times over the course of their marriage, and that the twins (and possibly more of his children) weren’t actually his. What used to be little kicks and slaps here and there when he was in a bad mood got worse, particularly aimed toward the twins. More info can be found in Gabby and Kit’s apps! Long story short, Brian sold Gabby out to a Hunter to make some money for the family, and shit went all to hell.

    Let’s get on to the characters available! For now, Brian, Elaine, and Ma Cleary will all be NPCs – but they may be added in the future, depending on how things go!

    Killian is the oldest of the Cleary children at 37. He was already out of the house and 26 when Brian found out about his wife’s indiscretions, and although he didn’t live too close to home, he did what he could to keep things calm. Unfortunately, his sister Gabby doesn’t see it that way, and she hasn’t spoken to him in years. He tends to be, like Gabby, on the side of “tough love” and hiding feelings. He loves all of his siblings, although when it comes to fixing problems for them he prefers to use his fists on the problem rather than actually comforting his siblings.

    Personality wise, I always see Killian as somewhat abrasive, but protective. He has some self control issues, but he is intelligent and (secretly) very loving.

    At 33 years old, Aisling is the second oldest of the Cleary Children, but when it comes to hurting any of them, she’s the one you really have to worry about retaliation from. Although she has no interest in taking after Ma to be the “matriarch of the clan,” she is fiercely protective, and also perfectly competent. While the other siblings (save for Gabby) backed down from their father when he was in a mood, Aisling was always more than happy to get in his face and berate him for putting his hands on his children. Unfortunately, she went off to college before things got really bad, and because she couldn’t come home often and their mother didn’t want her to worry, Aisling didn’t know much about what was going on until she graduated college. Needless to say, when she found out, she came home and beat the living hell out of Brian. She hasn’t spoken to him since, although she has been attempting to reconnect with the rest of the family.

    Although he was named after his father, Brian Jr. is nothing like Brian Sr. He’s not an alcoholic and he’s certainly not violent. Like Kit, he was always interested in helping people, leading him to a career in the medical field. Also like Kit, Brian always had a sort of naïve air about him – it simply didn’t ever really occur to him that someone may be lying to him or using him. He was always happy to help regardless of the circumstances. He is also a bit on the shy side. He keeps his head down and tries not to bother people, preferring to watch things play out from a distance and pick up the pieces after the chaos.

    Desmond is one of the few Cleary children who actually seems to have a healthy grasp on his emotions. He is logical and tends to act on his brains rather than on his heart, which had him clashing with a lot of his siblings from a young age. He tried to keep them out of trouble, tried to keep them from running headfirst into danger, but unfortunately he (and his sister Aileen) were both outnumbered when it came to thinking clearly while angry. He, like the others, was already out of the house when things got really bad, and because their father had a sneaking suspicion that Desmond was the product of another man’s affair with Elaine as well, he tended to keep his distance. He has always felt somewhat cut off from the family, like things move a bit too fast for him. He wants quiet, calm, and reason.​
  2. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

    Like her brother Desmond, Aileen has a healthy grasp on her emotions. She is an empath through and through, and tends to know how to talk to people and what they need from her. She, unlike many of her “helper” siblings (like Gabby –although Gabby will never admit it-, Kit, Aisling, and Desmond) has healthy boundaries when it comes to what she can and should do for other people. Aileen wants people to be held accountable for their actions, to get help when they need it, and to be able to admit when things aren’t wrong and fix it. These traits led her to a career in psychology.

    Kevin here has some issues. Just barely eighteen years old when everything went down, he moved out of the house as soon as possible (and arguably before he was really ready) to get away from it all. From there, he got mixed in with some bad people, and is likely agreeing to move to Tempest Harbor to get away from people who he owes money to. He’s bitter at the family as a whole, although he has a soft spot for Aiden and Kit, the two youngest.

    Gabby is a stubborn, unstoppable force of nature who hasn’t been on speaking terms with anyone in her family aside from Kit, Patrick, and Ma since she originally ran away. Being the target of her father’s aggression because Patrick knew how to keep his mouth shut, she also ended up being the one that he tried to sell out to a shady Hunter for some extra cash, which was the start of her being on the run. She was incredibly close to Ma Cleary and to her twin, but she hasn’t spoken to most of the family in over ten years at this point. She is a firefighter, like her “father”, and is quick to drink and quick to fight. She’s a natural leader, and had the family stayed together, she likely would have ended up taking over for Ma in the running of the family.

    Patrick is the other half of the dynamic twin duo, younger by twelve minutes but both taller and arguably more mature. He is a man who knows how to get what he wants from people, and although he prefers using wit and charm to force, that isn’t off the table for him either. Ultimately, he is pretty easy going and prefers to go with the flow in any given situation, although he certainly has his mischievous side. As a child, he and his twin were constantly playing pranks on the others, and raising hell in general. He left shortly after Gabby did, living with her in Chicago for awhile before eventually getting a job offer in another city as a Fire Investigator. He and Gabby are close, and he is close with Killian as well.

    Kit is a naïve, loving, incredibly sweet young woman who just wants to help people. She’s overly affectionate (an odd trait for a Cleary) and tends to view things from rose tinted glasses, much to the exasperation of the rest of her family. She’s currently in medical school to become a surgeon, and is the one who accidentally let slip to the family that she and Gabby were living in Tempest Harbor and caused the soon to be infestation of Clearies.

    Aiden is the youngest, and also the quietest. Although his siblings took care of him and made sure to keep him away from their father when he was younger, he still saw more than enough to traumatize him. When Kit was of age and ready to move out, she made sure that their father signed all of the appropriate paperwork to transfer guardianship over to Ma Cleary, so he has been living with her for awhile now – at first, so that she could take care of him, and now that she’s getting on in years so that he could take care of her. He’s timid and skittish, but I’d love to see him come out of his shell a bit under the influence of Gabby and some of the other more boisterous members of the family – learn to stick up for himself and all! Although none of the rest of the family knows it, he was the one who made the initial suggestion that they all move to Tempest Harbor. He never really got to exist as part of a huge family, it was already fractured when he was in his informative years. Ma made the suggestion, and he’s both nervous and excited to see what comes of it.

    This is way too many people for me to assign a face to, tbh. Instead, what I’m going to do is have a working list of face suggestions. You may pick from this list, or you may come to me with your own options! Please be sure to check the Face Claim to make sure one isn’t taken before you run with it.
    - Saoirse Ronan
    - Evanna Lynch
    - Katie McGrath
    - Dominique McElligott
    - Olivia Wilde
    - Kerry Condon
    - Caitriona Balfe
    - Orla Brady
    - Sarah Greene
    - Eve Hewson
    - Orla Fitzgerald
    - Kirsten Sheridan
    - Colin Farrell
    - Cilliam Murphy
    - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    - Devon Murray
    - Dylan Moran
    - Colin Morgan
    - Stuart Townsend
    - Robert Sheehan
    - Domhnall Gleeson
    - Colin O’Donoghue
    - Aiden Turner
    - Damian McGinty
    - Jason O’Mara
    - Eoin Macken
    - Jamie Dornan
    - Allen Leech​
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