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  1. Kieran

    Kieran Resident Game Owner


    I'm a young man in my thirties, a psaaionate creative writer and a fan paerson, and play-by-post forum RPGing has been my dearest hobby for well over a decade. I've always liked creative writing but started doing it actively not before I graduated from secondary school and soon enough downright fell in love with it.

    I haven't written much original fiction since my school years, as I am a fan and have been all my life. No other universe and story has yet been anywhere near as inspireing as the Harry Potter saga. So most of my forum RPing has focused on HP games, though I have adminned, played and created OCs in various genres and settings, including real life universe, in my 12+ years in this hobby. I just seem to get more inspired by characters I create into another universe spiced with fantasy elements.

    I also enjoy and am good at non-fiction writing, I love blogging and generally writing articles, and often write long-ass discussion posts.

    Other creative hobbies I have are making fan/music videos and photoblends/graphics.
    Here's some fan graphics I've made for Disney's The Lion King (plus one of my really old fan videos that YouTube won't take because of the song used.)
    And here's some of my fan videos on my multi-fandom account. Most of them are much older than their upload date, the truly newest actual fan video on that channel is the Pet Sematary one.

    Another hobby worth mentioning is retro video and PC games, those from the decades I grew up in that is the '80s and '90s. Since my late twenties I've been very nostalgic towards those decades, and muvh to my delight so has some of the world lately. :P

    I've been a horror genre fan since I was four years old, and while I had my vampire phase in mid to late 2000's what with Anne Rice's vampires, werewolves are the love of my life. Resulting in many of my countless RPG characters having been werewolves. My newest among them, Stephen Hunter King, is by far my dearest brain child ever. He lives in Nevermore: Harry Potter 1980's RPG which I founded last summer, and that site by the way is a shining example of just how passionate I am about the HP universe and creative writing. :D
  2. Archaeon

    Archaeon Resident Game Owner

    Welcome, Kieran. It's lovely to meet someone so passionate about their hobbies. Very nice ta meetcha!
  3. Star Army

    Star Army Resident Game Owner

    Kieran, you sound familiar. Were you part of the Ayenee community back in the day?
  4. Poufkin

    Poufkin Newcomer Game Owner

    Werewolves are also the love of my life! -- well, wolves in general are pretty fantastic. c:

    (I also super appreciate your icon!)
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