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    Bonjour, loves! Many know me as 'Seren' and it's lovely for you to have stumble upon my Introduction thread! It's been awhile since I've made one of these little love notes but, I found RPGFix through a friend and decided to take a look around the place! I'm still getting the hang of where everything is and how the site works, but it's really easy to navigate due to the similar function of other sites I've been on!

    On another note, I've been roleplaying for about ~5 years! My, time flies when you're having fun! But, here are some fun facts about me!
    • I absolutely adore detailed writing! The simplest action, movement, thoughts, and expression, to me, brings the character, world, and words to life!
    • Exploring a new universe such as alternate universes, fandom universes and just worldbuilding in general is my cup of tea! I, at times, have too many ideas that I need a creative outlet somewhere!
    • I know quite a few languages fluently - speaking, understanding, and writing.
    • I'm accident prone and I've twisted and fractured my ankle so many times, it's really hard to count.
    • I have an affinity to animals and I absolutely adore them oh so much! That being said, I can't watch movies that have a plot line where animals are being harmed and humans are trying to take-over or I'll get heated.
    • Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall | winter are my favorite seasons!

    Happy Halloween and it's a pleasure to be here and meet everyone!
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