I've been Roleplaying 18 years now.

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Maria Pearl, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Hi, I have been a Roleplayer for 18 years now since early 2002.
    My first was an Equine roleplay then i played humans when i joined an Pirates site
    back in the day 17 yrs ago
  2. porkerberry

    porkerberry Newcomer Game Owner

    almost two decades!!!
  3. StarWarsGC

    StarWarsGC Newcomer

    13 long good years.
  4. mythus

    mythus Newcomer Game Owner


    I first got involved in pbem and forum RP's back in 1999. I still remember fondly the old yahoo! Clubs lol.

    Cherish your memories friend.
  5. RottenEmu

    RottenEmu Newcomer Game Owner

    Yahoo! Groups are a good memory. So many good stories and awesome characters. And a great many friendships :)
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  6. Sere

    Sere Resident Game Owner

    I have been playing quite awhile too. I started back in Junior High when AOL was still a thing and people RPed in the Red Dragon Inn. Those were the days lol.
  7. Playerfiles

    Playerfiles Resident Game Owner

    Yikes !!! 1994 ::runs off and hides::
  8. Elzeothis

    Elzeothis Newcomer Game Owner

    Sere - Does that mean that you were, once upon a time, a fan of the webcomic Elf Only Inn, which was a wonderful parody of all things Red Dragon Inn?
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