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    hi, I'm Steph. I am a long time roleplayer, I started with table top almost 20 years ago, started PBeM to get a greater fix and fell in love with the hobby and later with a man who is equally into the hobby so our home is something of an ode to geek. We still regularly tabletop, now play boardgames too when no one feels like running anything. We have two kids, two cats and two dogs.

    I ran a game for 3.5year and another for 4months before stepping away from forum games for a couple of years. My co-admin and rp besties life circumstances changed and she was more interested in 1x1 rp, so I've done that for a while. I miss boards though, and I have the time so I'm running one another. I only opened yesterday and I'd forgotten how exciting it is to see new people joining and populating your board.
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    Hey Steph.

    Nice to hear a similar story. My nerd started out in different pursuits/hobbies, but as nerdery tends to go we've drifted into each other's hobbies.

    Welcome back to board life!

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