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  1. Hi, I am Daenelia. I have been roleplaying for a while. I wasnt aware there was a forum attached, is that new? I guess so. That's nice. I am told I must make 10 posts, so this is one down, nine to go.
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    Hey Daenelia! We used to have a forum before, but it really wasn't used much at all. It was rather hidden away from public view while the directory itself got a lot of drive-by submissions. I'm hoping to put a little more emphasis into the community this time around. :)
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  3. You get a like for removing the likes-number from the post profile :) I think you will do well with pushing the forum forward a bit more. A 'simple' directory page, even one as awesomely looking as RPGFix, just didnt strike me as a community before. Now I am just happy that it offers more than just an overview of sites.
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    :: waves :: Hello, Daenelia. :)

    ~Lady B
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