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Character Wanted In Plain Sight; Many Characters Wanted

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by fracturedrpg, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Site Overview:
    In Plain Sight (IPS) is an Alternate Universe RPG loosely based on the Harry Potter series and set in present day Antarctica. Removed completely from the series and the events therein, IPS tells the story of the Four Kingdoms (now merged into two) that the Founders of Hogwarts set up in an attempt to rekindle their friendships before their deaths, and the events that have happened since the Kingdoms were founded. Please take some time to read our site history and current site plots for more information.

    A working knowledge of Harry Potter lore is not necessary to fit into the site, though a basic knowledge will help a little with assimilation.

    Request Overview:
    The characters below are some of the pseudo canons that are available on the site; more can be found by viewing our pseudo canon list. All characters requested below have a connection to a character currently, or soon to be, on site. Only a synopsis of the character has been provided, more information is provided in the pseudo canon list.

    Available Characters

    Zita Valcin

    Zita-Berline, who prefers to be known only as Zita, is the fiercely loyal leader of Princess Kalina Kothas' guard. She isn't afraid to question Kalina when she feels the woman needs it but would defend her with her life if it came to that. A staunch traditionalist who is as formidable with a weapon as she is with her tongue, Zita is constantly fighting the battle of being a female warrior in a man's world...

    Elyan Kay

    Elyan is the son of a seamstress and one of the former gardeners of Castle Kothas. While his childhood was one that didn't offer much upward momentum, due to his parents' meagre incomes and their need to feed all six of their children, Elyan was not without love or fun in his childhood. From the age of fourteen, he was offered a position as the man servant of King Damon (then a fifteen year old Prince) and took to his job with eager enthusiasm...

    Simone Darlington

    Simone Darlington has no memories of her childhood, no memories of the orphanage she was in for less than a year before she was swept away by the people she calls parents, and put in place of the toddler they had lost some time before. Kept under a magical glamour as a child - to masquerade her as the real Simone Darlington - the glamour was let off slowly over time, allowing people to accept that she really was the child they thought she was. Despite the deception, Simone is adored and doted on by her parents, an only child, but kept somewhat out of the public eye and away from upper class parties unless necessary...

    Violet (Archibald) Smith

    It is a foolish man who believes that the formidable Violet Smith (nee Archibald) is a pushover, easily manipulated, or little more than a pretty face on the arm of a nobleman. The eldest child of the late Baron James Archibald - and the only child who survived out of infancy due to her mother's undiagnosed mental illness - Munchausen syndrome by proxy - which is relatively unheard of in the magical world. How Violet survived her mother's treatment with little more than scars and a will to live, she has never shared with anyone (not even her husband)...

    Sienna Aguilar

    The middle daughter of Aelia Aguilar, and half sister of Keira 'Aliza' and Ivy Aguilar, Sienna has never known her father, but is well aware that he was executed after her conception as per the Aguilar tradition. She witnessed this first hand, some two or three months before her mother's new marriage, when her own child was executed for being male and Sienna herself was forced to cut the child's head off. Sienna showed no emotion regarding this fact, and has recently found a new partner who will hopefully provide her with a daughter. A partner who she will execute once conception is complete...

    Arthur Quinn

    Headmaster of Veretum School of Magic, Arthur Quinn, is a man who believes in everyone having access to magic regardless of their situation. While he is not a man to break the rules - and would never give a wand to someone untrained - he has worked with Thomas Caritas and Tobias Isthil to bring magical education to those less fortunate, in particular kids living on the streets. Through constant training with them, and adhering to his promise not to reveal their location to the authorities, Arthur and his companions have seen many generations of kids trained to properly use their skills. All he asks in return? That they pay the school back when they acquire a position that allows them to do so...

    Alec Kothas

    There are two things that were never, are never, and will never be accepted in the household of Aldeth Kothas: homosexuality and not marrying when the time came. Alec breaks both of his father's rules, though he does his best to keep it a secret from Aldeth himself. Alec has been struggling with his sexuality his whole life, not knowing how to deal with his father's irrational anger yet the Country's acceptance of who he is. Alec has his father convinced that the reason he has not married is because no woman is worthy of him, but the truth is that he does not wish to hurt the feelings of the man he has been seeing in secret for the past two years; a man who is little more than a stable boy at Alec's brother (Tobin)'s house in Dysmere...

    Rachel (Lucas) Kothas

    A former spy, working for the Master of Whispers, who used her career as a Bard to gain access to some of the most high profile events, Rachel Kothas has long since given up that life now that she is the wife of a Prince. Plain and unnoticeable, Rachel blends in with nearly any crowd which makes it easy for her to gather information on what the masses are really thinking, and to keep an eye out for any discontent amongst the nobles. She passes this information, discretely, to her sister in law, Kalina, so that none see her associating with the King. The daughter of a Healer and a Bard, Rachel spent most of her childhood travelling around Lysair. It was during an attempted reconnaissance mission that she met Prince Tobin and fell in love. They have been married for twelve years now...

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