Improvements: Cover Images, Calendar, and more

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    • You can now give your profile a Cover Image (if you've made over 10 posts on RPGfix) just like you can on Facebook.
    • A Calendar has been added to the site. You can see people's birthdays as well as upcoming events.
    • Have a roleplay event coming up? Feel free to create an event entry for it to let other people RSVP! (Nudge, nudge, RPGfix's birthday is on the 20th.)
    • You now have the ability to define friendships with your followers. Once requested (by writing how you know each other), the prospective friend will be alerted and must confirm the friendship. The initiating friend will then be alerted that the friendship has been formed. Friends can also flag that they know each other personally.
    • You can now tie your Steam account to RPGfix via our external account integration.
    • Game listing pages have been updated to include a more prominent "Visit Site" button, as well as a more prominent "Vote Today!" button.
    • Smilies have been categorized. :coffee: :cat:
    • You now can use [HASHTAG]#hashtags[/HASHTAG] in your posts. [HASHTAG]#cool[/HASHTAG]
    • A couple more site styles have been added.
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Thread Status:
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