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Roleplay Game Wanted I'm seeking an erotica forum to RPG in

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by SootyMagic, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. SootyMagic

    SootyMagic Newcomer

    My RPG friends and I are used to Erotica Role play in Yahoo groups, but they shut down and we now are seeking a new home to build a forum and play at, but we do not want to be censored or Moderated by a community. We want to Mod our own forum and have freedom to play. Anybody know of such a place?
    I have seen many that say they are such but it's a lie. Please help if you can, Thanks a bunch!

    ~ SootyMagic
  2. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    Are you looking to build your own forum or join one that's already running?
  3. Star Army

    Star Army Resident Game Owner

    If you guys like sci-fi you're welcome to set up shop on Star Army. We're an 18+ community but we could use some more people who actually use the adult-only sections, haha. Take a look and see if it would work for you, rules-wise. You wouldn't necessarily have to use our setting we got freeform areas too). I could set up a subforum for you. I don't really have many rules other than treat people respectfully OOC and characters in ERPs need to be adults.

    If you want a whole forum to yourself and as much freedom as possible, you should look into self-hosting, e.g. getting web hosting and installing a forum software like phpBB, myBB, or Xenforo.
  4. SootyMagic

    SootyMagic Newcomer

    A Free forum we hope, but are cool with whatever we can get. WE play 4 worlds and a moving castle. 18+ and mostly we write scripts and use art and model photos, so if there is a place you know of that allows that and self moderation freedom and freedom of speech and creative writing, we will be so happy :) If not, then, no problem, we will just keep looking. Erotica written RPG forums seem a thing of the past. WE can creatively describe things, but the guys tend to like literal writing descriptions. The Folks tagging along with me have been playing with me from 17 - 3 years, so, they are of sound minds and mature, not underage and none of the charas are under age either. We use mostly, the Scifi and Fantasy genres but sometimes a thread will be a modern or feudal eras. Hmm, what-else?Oh, right, We tried Proboards, really like the set up, but they want only creative writing, no vulgarity or literal descriptions, so, shrug, we get it, but sometimes, a lil dirty talk is or should be ok, not every word. We do not want to post porn, just shake off the day from the Real world is all. Thanks for reading this blurb and thread and trying to help :)

    ~ Sootymagic
  5. SootyMagic

    SootyMagic Newcomer

    YES! We are all about Scifi an Fantasy and sometimes go Earth modern era or Feudal Japan. Diff threads and 4 worlds.
    Hmm, sounds good to me, I will go use that first link and see what the lay out and rules are, if that is not meeting our requirements then we can try to look at the other options you wrote about, but we are looking for free foums. We tried freeforums not sure if that is the same place as Free form? hmm, I will gooogle things to understand better, sorry to be a noob at the jargon. Free forums is part of Proboards, and both are censorship sites.
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  6. SootyMagic

    SootyMagic Newcomer

    Also, I wanted to say, thank you for the info. Much appreciated.
  7. Salya

    Salya Newcomer Game Owner

    You and your friends are welcome to RP Erotica things but with warning on my forum: Tainted Onez
  8. FizzyElf
    Caffeine Fix

    FizzyElf Newcomer Game Owner

    If you are looking to start your own forum, I don't know of any free providers that will allow erotica, as free services are generally paid for with ads, and the majority of advertisers don't want to be associated with 18+ content. Jcink Premium is way cheaper than forums.net, but if you just want to write with a couple of friends, then using the collaborative features of Google Docs a decent way to do it.