I have an rpg both you can say is New

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Angel River50, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. I'm new to these threads i have a Star Trek game: USS-Thunderchild,a Firefly game called Nightwolf,. But i have to wait for 10 something but im confused over it can some one explain it to me..
  2. Miss Bunny

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    Hey! Are you talking about having to make 10 posts on the forum before you can advertise here? I think everyone new has to show some level of commitment and effort to the forum before being granted the ability to advertise their sites. Hence the 10 posts before listing your games. If I am missunderstanding your question however, forgive me! *mosey's on out*
  3. Eloell

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    So to be able to post your site in the directory this site offers you have to make 10 posts around the site...if that's what you're referring to. :) It's a pretty standard way resource sites like this one get activity. It's almost like you're paying them back for their kindness to promote your site. Hope this helps!