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  1. Any experience with this host?

    I asked the support for information (especially on content restrictions) and they said that "mature content" is only flagged if you're offering services, images etc, while a free for all writing group would be okay. Since it's a private communication and not a hard rule I'm not sure how reliable it is.
  2. I used them for a short time back in 2012 to host the wiki for my forum (which was hosted on Jcink) but I had nothing but issues. (It's one reason why I eventually went to paid hosting.) On another site here's what I said about X10hosting...

    After trying X10hosting I tried 000webhost and later ServersFree in 2012. Both were better... but far from perfect. (Topics for another time...)

    I don't recommend any free website hosting because they're all plagued with problems. Too many servers that are packed with way too many users. No one really has enough resources and the slightest increase in use for one user causes the rest to really feel it. They're also not really designed or meant for running forums or more intensive scripts. They could probably handle a static web page no problem... but something that makes a lot of calls to a database is going to run into issues in a hurry.
  3. I can echo EVERYTHING said above!!! I had a phpbb3 forum hosted by them and though it was nice. Thinks get bad when you get more traffic. Downtime, slow or touch and go support.
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