How regularly do you write?

Discussion in 'Writing' started by valucre, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. valucre

    valucre Resident Game Owner

    The title is the question. How regularly do you write?
  2. Elena

    Elena Resident Game Owner

    I write almost every day, but sometimes a small post, sometimes several posts and pages at my novel.
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  3. BobbyB

    BobbyB Resident Game Owner

    I try to do it daily, but it really depends on my work-load and hours at work and my RP partners. I tend to mirror my RP partners, if they write small posts, I write small posts. If they take ages to reply, I don't put the RP on my priority list either, presuming I don't quit altogether.
    For my solo writing I currently do zilch, mostly cause it's not very high on the priority list, though it should be.
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  4. RP Collective

    RP Collective Resident Game Owner

    I really, really try to write something at least once a day. When life gets super busy though (it happens, and admining takes us a lot of available forum time too), I aim for once or twice a week at least.
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  5. Tenebris

    Tenebris Newcomer Game Owner

    I tend to write every day, although there are random intervals every now and then where I have to pause so my writing partners can catch up (I can be quite relentless with posting, hehe) and thus find myself in the "waiting queue." *chuckles*
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  6. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner

    Every day usually several times a day if I can manage, except when like @Tenebris I write too quickly and then am playing the waiting game which can be frustrating Xd.
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  7. valucre

    valucre Resident Game Owner

    To answer my own question: like many of the replies, I try to write every day too! It'll be either as an RP post, as site related stuff like user guides or event stuff for roleplay that isn't exactly me writing as one of my characters, or it'll be to my longform writing

    If I'm not writing then I'm usually reading
  8. Felix

    Felix Newcomer

    At the moment I'm not working – so considerably more than I normally do! I find it tallies with my mood, what's going on in the game, and how much free time I have. With ST RPG by email we write longer pieces, so I tend to do maintenance of joint posts most days, but write a longer character piece once a week.
  9. Roleplaylives

    Roleplaylives Fresh Blood

    I try to write at least something daily. I get itchy if I don't!
  10. aalyoshka

    aalyoshka Newcomer Game Owner

    I try and write most days although what I write just depends on how I feel every day. How much I'll end up writing depends also just on my mood that particular day or sometimes just whether or not something has made my muse flare up.
  11. SalyaDarken
    Anime Lover

    SalyaDarken Newcomer Game Owner

    I try to write daily but it's hard when I have no ideas. XD but I'm still trying with RPing to get my mood to write something new. XD
  12. Archivist

    Archivist Resident Game Owner

    Not as much as I would like. A post here, a comment there, it adds up. As far as the writing projects go- I plan for daily writing but some days it doesn't happen. Then I look up and full year has gone by.
  13. KhFanWriter9
    No Mood

    KhFanWriter9 Resident Game Owner

    If rping counts as writing I do it everyday.
  14. Somniac

    Somniac Resident Game Owner

    I go through periods of writing daily, and I go through furloughs. I do think breaks are as important as actual writing - it's a balancing act.
  15. MeganChan

    MeganChan Resident Game Owner

    Uh...very rarely. I used to write all the time though. Should really get back to it.
  16. sora

    sora Newcomer Game Owner

    I try to write in some way every single day.
  17. AdAshtra

    AdAshtra Newcomer

    I tend to write a few times every week. Weekends are dead writing days. Nothing gets done. But I'll do dribbles or write posts/chapters at work more often than not. Especially since April, my writing has really kicked off.

    Thank you Camp NaNo. Before that it's always been sporadic. I am a weak human being.
  18. Matsu

    Matsu Newcomer

    385,892 words in the last three weeks according to my program. So...alot?
  19. Playerfiles

    Playerfiles Resident Game Owner

    The goal is to write everyday... averaging between 350 and 1000 words depending upon the character, the story, and the availability of the co-writer(s)... but Real Life (RL) must come first... somebody has to pay the bills and keep the household going right?... thus, I attempt to answer every post in the order it is received... expediently as possible.
  20. Honeylove

    Honeylove Newcomer Game Owner

    Ideally, every day. In reality, some days I write a lot, and some days I don't write at all. Bit of a mixed bag.

    But I usually do something on my site each day.