How many RPG mediums have you tried so far?

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How many RPG mediums have you tried so far?

  1. Pen & Paper (D&D, GURPS, etc.)

  2. Live Action Roleplaying (LARP)

  3. Play-by-Post / Chat / PBeM

  4. Console Game (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, etc.)

  5. Computer Game (Steam, MMOs, WoW, Eve, etc.)

  6. Mobile / Tablet

  7. Board Game

  8. Trading Card Game (MtG, etc.)

  9. Other

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  1. Nathan Hunter

    Nathan Hunter Resident Game Owner

    I agree, you have that often with Nova-based Trek RP. Many a CO (GM more or less) won't ask what they are not doing and instead focus on what their players are not doing. The important thing is that any of us can only control what we ourselves do in any given situation :)
  2. USSCerberus

    USSCerberus Newcomer

    I'm surprised, I've used everything listed! I primarily do play-by-Nova and play-by-email though.
  3. massacrahamster

    massacrahamster Newcomer Game Owner

    I have tried both Pen & Paper (I had a boyfriend once who got me interested) and LARP (Same boyfriend made me try it out) and Play by Post.

    LARP, I hated it. I felt so uncomfortable the whole time and I could not make myself pretend to be a fictional character. Once that day was over, I made my now ex boyfriend promise me never to let me do that again and I haven't.
    Pen & Paper, I love it so much. For some reason I have no problems acting out scenes and pretend to be a fictional character with that. I guess it's because I didn't have to dress up or anything like that so it felt more like play by post really. I will never forget the time I started yelling at one of my team mates because he injured my butt and everyone around the table started laughing.
    And Play by Post has been with me since I learned to use a computer. I have been away for longer periods, but I have never really quitted and I'm getting to a point where I can't imagine my life without it.
  4. VirusZero

    VirusZero Resident Game Owner

    For Console/PC I've played some RPGs. Though very few MMOs (Marvel Heroes and Destiny basically.) But I've never rp'ed through the games.

    I've never LARPed and I really can't see myself ever giving it a shot for a few reasons...
    1- Cost (I do not have a lot of money. Not enough to buy parts and build costumes.)
    2- Proximity (nearest group would likely be 70+ kilometers / 55+ miles way. Which also feeds back into issue 1. Fuel isn't really that cheap.)
    3- Interest (I lack it.)

    I did try DnD but I just couldn't get into it. I got rather bored by it. (I don't particularly care for high fantasy stuff. I managed my way through the first Lord of the Rings book, since I was given the trilogy as a christmas gift, then set them down and haven't picked them back up since.) So I haven't tried any other sort of pen and paper game.

    I've played Play by Post and that's my favourite method. Never tried email but I could see it working well for 1x1s. I have done chat rp before and I'll never do it again. Bad experiences there unfortunately.
  5. Shyuuhei

    Shyuuhei Newcomer

    I'm mostly done online, with a little bit of paper base between friends way back when I was in high school. Message boards, chatrooms, forums, etc are my mainstay.
  6. Shelter2015

    Shelter2015 Newcomer Game Owner

    I've roleplayed primarily on forums - however when I do cosplay I have cosplay roleplayed - anything from full Final Fantasy style fights to various other situations, I've also done book base rps but they're generally solo affairs
  7. remylacroix

    remylacroix Newcomer Game Owner

    Forum, play by post and chat based RPG
  8. Etro

    Etro Newcomer

    The only types of RP mediums I haven't done are LARPing (Excluding just fighting), and mobile tablets. I personally, don't find myself ever having a desire to LARP but it doesn't mean I wouldn't try if I had friends who were interested. As far as my favorite is Forum Based RPGs. I can keep myself entertained by the graphics and PC gameplay but what it comes down to is when i can write a forum RP that gets me immersed with full custom ability to create who you want to be, say what you want to say, actually immerse yourself in character instead of spawning into the world and looking at the quest log filled with 40 quest and just groaning because you just don't care anymore. Its not the same. Don't get me wrong playing FFXIV, FFXI, WoW are great but its definitely not a top enjoyment on the list because to me MMOs are "Filler" games. If I have no idea what to play anymore until I think of it, lets get on this!
  9. JAnderson

    JAnderson Newcomer Game Owner

    I've tried Pbp, Chat, and console...the rest I'm not interested in.
  10. Shiarrael

    Shiarrael Newcomer

    I did some D&D in high school, but I haven't done any paper stuff since then. Right now most of my role playing is via Nova, but I also do some forum-based role playing and MMOs (via computer and console). I tried chat for a while and hated it, same with e-mail. Chat moves too fast and e-mail just wasn't my thing.
  11. JAnderson

    JAnderson Newcomer Game Owner

    Nova is okay, but it has it's drawbacks...I prefer forum.
  12. Thats Dj

    Thats Dj Newcomer

    I only dig play-by-post because I'm a writer & game versions.
  13. Hyrule Castle

    Hyrule Castle Newcomer

    My favorite is forum roleplaying but I also love tabletop.
  14. I started out in Yahoo chat, in 1999. From there I did IM role playing, and then eventually I stuck to play-by-post/message board and that's the only thing I do these days.
  15. Ammut
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Ammut DTD's Resident Cat Lady Game Owner

    Play-by posts are the best, but I'm a sucker for in-game roleplaying too! :D
  16. RaWolfe

    RaWolfe Resident Game Owner

    Started off in Start Trek IRC simming and now these days I just write in forums and platform Nova :)
  17. Clover

    Clover Newcomer

    I tried dnd, but most of my roleplaying is online through posts. I think they're perfect for it.
  18. Everything but LARP. I think LARP might be one of those things I would absolutely love to do, but would be much too scared to actually try. I hear those people get really into swinging around their big styrofoam swords.
  19. Twisted

    Twisted Newcomer

    I started out with forum roleplays and they are still my favorite by far! Though I do love WoW and have played a few on Xbox too. I would actually love to try LARPing one day but sadly, there just isn't anything like that in my area :(
  20. BlueSalix

    BlueSalix Fresh Blood

    I've done DnD tabletop, MMOGs, and all types of play by post forums, even tried chat room for awhile. I'm always up for trying new forms of gaming. My favorite is probably a writing focused RP where you can write characters, hatch plots and tell long term stories.