How did you hear/find out about RPGfix?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shriker, Aug 23, 2013.


How did you find out about RPGfix?

  1. Search engine

  2. A friend

  3. Another website had a link

  4. Other

  1. Vass

    Vass Fresh Blood

    So I noticed this site linked on the bottom of a few RPGs I was looking at, it's got a great list of games.
  2. Aisling

    Aisling Newcomer Game Owner

    I was searching for hubs in google and its one of the first listed
  3. Karuna

    Karuna Fresh Blood

    I was on a roleplay site that had you guys linked, Court of the Fallen.
  4. Sere

    Sere Resident Game Owner

  5. Patrick_S

    Patrick_S Newcomer

    RPGfix has been around, like, forever.
  6. Fell

    Fell Newcomer

    Always looking for RPG directories and this one came across my eye...
  7. I was googling listings for stray dog websites and found one through you guys!
  8. Sprite

    Sprite Newcomer Game Owner

    I was googling for play by post sites :)
  9. Zeta

    Zeta Fresh Blood

    Was looking for more RPG directories and this one came across my eye. :)
  10. Ottoman

    Ottoman Newcomer Game Owner

    Honestly? Google. I'd been searching for some directories to get more hits on my forum, and this was on the first page - so here I am!
  11. Plato
    Caffeine Fix

    Plato Newcomer Game Owner

    I found through the affiliate button I have seen on multiple sites!
    this little guy -> [​IMG]
  12. Afro-Circus

    Afro-Circus Newcomer Game Owner

    Like the above, I was browsing through some RPG forums and came across the cute little cat button!
  13. havfine

    havfine Newcomer

    I found you guys searching for game lists on google!
  14. North

    North Newcomer

    Not sure where I first saw it, but after browsing for rp forums, I eventually saw one with the affiliate link and followed it here!
  15. Raza

    Raza Resident

    I've been lurking for quite some time now, so I thought now that retirement has given me some extra time, I'd take the plunge. And yes kids, I am one of those 'ahem' older role players.
  16. Lavana

    Lavana Newcomer

    I was on another board and a friend nudged me to check out the different rpg pbp games
  17. Found you guys on a button on someone else's site! It's always great finding sites like this to help advertise and boost my sites.
  18. pestilence

    pestilence Fresh Blood

    I heard about this site through search engines and then hoping from rpg to rpg
  19. roleplaygateway

    roleplaygateway Newcomer

    Search engine, much like many others! Hello & greetings
  20. thetortureartist

    thetortureartist Fresh Blood

    Saw the button on a few rp sites I was browsing for somewhere new to try and was curious!