How did you hear/find out about RPGfix?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shriker, Aug 23, 2013.


How did you find out about RPGfix?

  1. Search engine

  2. A friend

  3. Another website had a link

  4. Other

  1. Hi Everyone! I've been writing online since 1997. Um, yeah a long time. Since then, I've been on several roleplays. Gathering other writers and friends along the way. Thanks for allowing me to join this site.

    I stumbled onto this site through another website.
  2. I found it while searching for another advertising site I couldn't remember the name of. Hoping this'll work to get me some members!
  3. Google *nods*
  4. Found you via Forum Roleplay the site was marked as highly recommended for advertising.
  5. I googled RPG Directory. :D
  6. Found it while advertising on another site, and really like aggregate type sites like this.
  7. Googled it, but I knew it existed from some role playing sites I've been on that had listings.
  8. I found it through a google search!
  9. The admin of our website told me to check this site out and eventually get our site listed. :)
  10. I saw RPG Fix's affiliate button on another site.
  11. Search engine, then prompted to come back by an affiliate link. Glad I did!
  12. Search engine result, looking into getting my site posted
  13. Admin on Black Dahlia said go vote for our site here.
  14. My site admin sent me over here to go do some advertising XD
  15. Hello, I'm pretty new to RPG directories. I was referred here by forumroleplay's recommendations for RP advertising.
  16. Just found it in a search engine
  17. Saw this on another site and tried it out, since I need members and staff on my forum. XD
  18. Good old Google, of course!
  19. I was a member some years ago
  20. One of my co-admins started following relevant twitter accounts, and y'all's was one of them!

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