How did you get started with roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Daenelia, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. RachD
    Caffeine Fix

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    For me, it was first in a writing forum based on Laurel K. Hamilton books. Then, we wanted a high fantasy realm so I created my own called Dragon Fantasies. We allowed erotica and regular writing - but made sure it was adults only. From there, I was invited to others and found my favorite to be the X-Men, because I had collected and read the comics since high school. I can't believe I played as Emma Frost! I don't know if I could ever pull that off again. I doubt I was any good.

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  2. RachD
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    OMG, yes! I still remember AIM chats and rps. I an my hubs and several others got into table top D&D and other games along the same timeframe. Whenever I DM'd I would give exxtra points for their ROLEplay over just ROLLplay and they loved it. Guess it goes hand-in-hand sometimes.

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  3. denethorii

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    Neopets message boards was my first step! Lots of fun little one liners when I was in middle school, branching out to 3-4 liners on the guilds. I do think a wolf/horse RP was my first one, followed closely by Harry Potter! Now I've done almost exclusively Tolkien the last 15 years haha...
  4. Solaris

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    Oh my goodness! Yes Laurel K Hamilton! Anita Blake! Memories :)
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  5. tina

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    That's been long time ago and since then I am in rp world I running my own rpg forum on jcink and also I love to rp with other people and some social networks like Twitter and site
  6. Susan Scuro

    Susan Scuro Newcomer

    I also started on those chat rooms in the 90's, if you are talking about when I began text based rp. I did live action with a friend before that.
  7. TurnABlindEyeEDDY

    TurnABlindEyeEDDY Newcomer Game Owner

    Way back in the dino ages of Yahoo and AOL chats I stumbled into The Red Dragon Inn at 3am .... one four hour session of arguing with strangers in the form of a dark elf rogue and I was hooked LOL
  8. Kersare

    Kersare Newcomer Game Owner

    My college roommate's boyfriend was simming on a Star Trek simm; he convinced me to join.
  9. Camy

    Camy Newcomer Game Owner

    Roleplayed as horses with friends on AIM chats when we were bored of playing Horseland for a while xD
  10. tearian

    tearian Newcomer Game Owner

    I started to roleplay online when I used to play Neopets in its golden days, hahaha.
    They had a roleplaying board where people can have open roleplays, but now that site is pretty much dead and the roleplaying community is mostly gone there. Just memories.
  11. MBremer

    MBremer Newcomer

    I had posted in some old Star Trek Newsgoups on AOL when the CO of the old Tango Fleet group messaged me and asked if I'd ever simmed before. I told him no, but he invited me to join his sim anyway...and I was hooked.

    Was much simpler back there, and a much larger player base...
  12. eleholly

    eleholly Newcomer Game Owner

    One of my best friends actually asked me to give it a shot. I thought she was crazy but I gave it a shot. At first, we wrote stories back and forth and used to hide them in a text book that she had during 3rd period and I had during 7th. No one but us used the book, but that was our little secret hand written RP with one another. Then she got me started on forums by my junior/senior year, and that explode into the madness that is online RP now haha!
  13. Catskillz

    Catskillz Newcomer

    I started back in the old days of Yahoo!Chat rp, then eventually I made some friends who played over Yahoo!Groups that invited me into their fold. I've stayed there since.

  14. valucre

    valucre Resident Game Owner

    I first discovered online roleplaying when I was in my pre-teen years It was through Yahoo IM before the user rooms got shut down. It was on a computer I put together from spare parts, with 4GB hard drive, and a dial up connection. I remember learning how to fix the computer just so I could get back online to write with a growing pool of e-friends. Fun stuff!
  15. Zahhy

    Zahhy Newcomer Game Owner

    My friends and I used to used notebooks in middle school and we would exchange them throughout the bus ride to school or between classes and then again on the bus ride home.

    When we got yahoo it became super easy just to put everything on the computer instead! We then spent our bus rides and study halls chatting out what would happen next. It was awesome.

    It wasn't until yahoo though where we started to separate into "characters". I think about how weird it is now that we used to write a story together, and now we all stick to our own individual characters and that's the norm.
  16. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner

    I got started on the WB Harry Potter forums on the original Harry Potter website. It was like mostly one-liners really basic silly stuff and then the more I did it the more people seemed to get involved and it became a whole community until a member I was writing with asked me to join their forum RPG and then there was no turning back XD
  17. daedric prince

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    I got into roleplaying the same way that I got into most of my other hobbies -- my brother. I used to be really nosy on what he was doing online since he was *always* online and I saw him writing these interesting stories with people online. I loved it so I checked out the forums and fell in love with all of it. I read a bunch of threads and jumped in on one. Hooked ever since!
  18. BobbyB

    BobbyB Resident Game Owner

    In my first year of college, I met a fellow student who RP'd. As I'd already been writing for years, I figured "why not give it a try" and they introduced me to the wonderful world of RP
  19. kismetdivided

    kismetdivided Newcomer Game Owner

    Online, I joined an art site that had its own web chats. People could make their own. I stumbled upon the chats by accident (not sure how) and saw one that was called "yaoi school" or something. Of course, being 13 or so, I was all "WHOA, THE INTERNET KNOWS ABOUT THAT? THE INTERNET MAKES CHATS ABOUT THAT?" (mind you, I grew up with gay uncles and aunts so it had nothing to do with that, it was more that "yaoi" manga is usually pretty risque. This chat was actually very PG/PG-13 as risque content was strictly prohibited.) So, I joined it out of curiosity and found people throwing narrative at each other. I asked them what they were doing and they were cheerfully said "WE'RE RPING, COME JOIN US. :'D" So, I joined, they taught me how to RP, and so on... I decided I didn't like the setting (never been a fan of school settings), so I left and ventured into other RP chats.

    After a few years, I finally joined my first forum that I found on google.
  20. Moejy

    Moejy Newcomer

    I discovered my love for roleplay after meeting one of my long going partners on a gaming site. We’d always come up with different stories and character, then write from there!