How did you get started with roleplaying?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by Daenelia, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. MochiBlossom

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    For myself, I got into role play through a friend I had in the 7th grade. On the gaming community we were currently members of, she'd met someone who had made their own Warrior Cats website and had joined. Out of liking it and knowing how much I enjoyed writing, she invited me. I had no knowledge of Warriors and was a bit of a wreck with all the special terms that fans of the series know of and use, haha! We were all really young kids though, the oldest on that site was about 13, thus I was able to get away with it and comfortably ease into the role play scene without any judgement.
  2. fishbulb

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    Neopets, and wolves because that's all I found there at the time (2000?). I really liked the idea of RPing but I wasn't having much fun with the genre. Then a few years later around 2003 I found Avidgamers and realized there were other genres out there.
  3. ElusionRpStaff

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    I've always loved playing with figures with my younger brother. he had some justice league figures and we were making justice league stories at the age of 7 long before I knew role playing or fanfic writing was a thing haha. I started writing and drawing stories at a young age, and found my way into literate rp in middle school while surfing the internet for nerdy things like fanfic. It all spiraled from there haha
  4. Kendra

    Kendra Newcomer

    I can't remember how I originally found it, but I found an Underworld Roleplaying site and started there at like 11.
  5. RedSky

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    I found an invisionfree site that was a fan site for Raven from Teen Titans. They had an RP section and I joined in. Now I can't stop.
  6. NascentRP

    NascentRP Newcomer

    GTA 5 RP, on FiveM
  7. hitokuchiroleplay

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    Yessss! Yahoo groups! Haha, I had a friend who wrote fanfiction of our favorite animes and I couldn't not do up my own, which led to us typing up stories together back and forth before I discovered Yahoo groups. Ah, those were the days lol.
  8. Imagecorrupted

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    When my dad decided to bring home a computer from work; I was 9 years old and discovered Neopets and its roleplaying forums. I became a part of a group or guild of roleplayers that was a wolf RP. That later would move to Acronrack and I would spend basically hours of my time on. I think it was named Akrin woods or something along those lines < probably butchered the name.
  9. c.widow

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    I was on doing the usual when I a friend directed me to a warrior cats rp. Started there with one line posts and now here I am not only roleplaying but also creating games.

    The journey has been a long one but I don't know if I would have started had I not been on that sim game.
  10. Bowie

    Bowie Newcomer Game Owner

    neopets was def a startin point for my interest in it though I guess "officially" got started in actual rp on a wolf site my friend invited
  11. AlmaMont

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    Neopets! I still recall my first very cringy vampire type characters. Kind of sad that the board they existed on vanished. If anyone from Fairly Enchanted is still out there, I still think of you and can't thank you enough for helping me discover rp!
  12. Johnny

    Johnny Newcomer Game Owner

    My first serious writing roleplay stuff started in school on little scraps of paper passed back and forth
  13. Kiwi

    Kiwi Newcomer

    Neopets, as with so many of us I think! Heheh
  14. MeganChan

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    Originally I started through instant messagers, doing one on one. Eventually went to doing them on forums.
  15. I've always loved writing and after discovering DnD it just expanded to include forum RPs too.
  16. Cirago

    Cirago Resident Patron

    Oof, I think my best friend got me to join an all-inclusive RP chatroom called 'The Tavern' with her back in the old Compuserve days XD Dial up internet and all! She and I lost touch over the years, but my love of RP has remained and I've made many new friends in the years since :) Writing a story cooperatively together is more fun for me than writing alone.
  17. Rayo

    Rayo Newcomer

    I genuinely don't even remember how I got started, but I know I started in the world of equine RPGs and expanded from there.
  18. Honey

    Honey Newcomer

    Here's another for Neopets! Gods it feels like forever ago now :DD