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Closed Hogwarts School Nurse

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Swoopingjobberknolls, Sep 30, 2019.

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  1. Swoopingjobberknolls

    Swoopingjobberknolls Newcomer Game Owner

    Site name and link: Swooping Jobberknolls
    Site genre: Harry Potter (post-potter, year 2019)
    Site info: SwoopingJobberknolls is a Wizarding World roleplaying forum based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, set in the present and running on real time to allow for adequate character development and RPing opportunities.
    All Harry Potter books and publications, as well as Fantastic Beasts films, are considered canon EXCEPT The Cursed Child, the events of which are mostly in the future and could unfold differently in our story.
    The plot is member-driven and we're excited to see what we can collectively come up with as key roles are taken on.

    Your primary staff account: Admin of Magic
    Contact info: PM here, PM or chatbox on SJ (but contacting me before taking the post isn't necessary unless you have questions you need answered)

    Positions hiring for:
    Hogwarts School Nurse
    Information about positions: Our school is in need of a school nurse. It could be Madam Pomfrey, an original character, or even another canon (that's still alive and plausible). The post comes with moderator powers over the Hospital Wing forum.

    We need someone to RP as the school nurse, treating sick and injured children and Professors, You would have free reign to run your Hospital Wing any way you'd like. We're looking for someone creative!

    Other notes: Swooping Jobberknolls' rating is PG, pushing PG13 with the Harry Potter books themselves as a guide to allowed content. Since the site runs on the real calendar, there is plenty of time to accomplish everything at your own pace without stressful deadlines. While the post does come with some responsibilities, they are not time-consuming and you will be well able to rp and develop this character outside of their job role (plenty of Professors and other adults to RP with) and even take time off from RPing altogether. Out site strives to be fun only and not demanding on anyone. The only time requirement for a school staff position like this (the same rule applies to canon characters), is that it may be reassigned due to three real life months of inactivity.
  2. Swoopingjobberknolls

    Swoopingjobberknolls Newcomer Game Owner

    Position had been filled. We are still looking to fill some other Professorial and School Staff Positions.
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