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    I am James McCullen, a roleplayer mostly active in the Star Trek and general Sci-Fi genres and a gamer. I currently run my own game (no details on that yet so I don't break the rules) and play on a few others. Battlestar, Firefly and Star Trek.

    Games wise, I'm into simulation games, Farm, Train, Truck, Airplane, anything like that. I also enjoy turn-based RPGs such as Baldurs Gate and Wasteland 2, open-world adventure/survival games like Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and 7 Days to Die and single-player shooters, currently re-playing Borderlands 2.

    Offline, I'm a D&D 5e GM and player, I also dabble in Shadowrun 5e and a little bit in Pathfinder. I'm a full-time English Teacher and a part-time amateur set designer for the local theater group. I play at carpentry and woodworking for fun, too.

    Nice to meet you all.
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    Pleased to meet such a well-rounded person!