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  1. ModernNations

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    Hi people!
    Just found out of this site googleing around the web and thought it was worth checking out! Not exactly a veteran-online-RPG player, but had my few attemps. Mostly with real-life/modern settings with lots of politics ans economy involved (yeah, suer fun xD)


    Naio / MN
  2. Shriker

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    Hey, welcome! What kind of economy things do you look for in games? I'm super curious about that.
  3. ModernNations

    ModernNations Newcomer Game Owner

    I look for growth opportunities where I can develop a character through different means to obtain monetary benefits.

    I currently play a geopolitical nation sim, where I control a country and can develop it both military and economy wise. It might sound boring for some but for example investing in-game money in infrastructure projects allows me to increase my monthly revenue. I can also raise my taxes (risking civil unrest), obtain credits from other players or trade goods.

    All this to give me mroe income to do other things in game, like expand my armed forces or just play diplomacy with a full wallet to back me up.

    Thats what I want. I guess I played to much Victoria II and Stellaris xD

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