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  1. I'm just signing up here but I think the way this is set up is really cool! I'm Del, player/mod/GM and all around rp fan. My favorite fandoms atm are Game of Thrones, Percy Jackson and basically anything having to do with history cause I'm a history nut. I'm also addicted to graphics and I'm trying to dip my toe back into coding and webdesign. :)
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    Hey Del! Welcome! Are you a fan of the Game of Throne televisions series, books, or both? I'm always curious to know how people got into that fandom. Do you have any kind of graphics portfolio online?
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    Hi, welcome! I love to chew on Game of Thrones but I have never roleplayed it. Also if you like history, go to http://reddit.com/r/askhistorians if you haven't already heard of it. I like to chew on history now and again, but if you have a serious obsession I think you can lose... several years in that sub, probably!
  4. @Iversia I love both though I got into the fandom back in the day by finding book 4 (A Feast for Crows) in the college bookstore. I read the first chapter, realized I had to find the first books and promptly got on Amazon and ordered them and never looked back lol. I don't really have a portfolio; I have a Deviantart I infrequently upload things to but I should probably make a proper graphics showcase somewhere.

    @Invisie ... omg that link. @____@ Well I know where I'll be for a little while...
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  5. Just goes to show you that even if book 4 was my least favourite book in the series, it was still good enough to draw in a new reader :)

    Hi, Dc :) Good to see you.
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    Game of Thrones ♥ I haven't read the books yet but I have seen the entirety of the show so far. How do they compare?
  7. Invisie

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    re: Game of Thrones -- I started on the show before the books, like many. The show just... left me wanting so much more, oh man. The books were absolutely perfect for my desire of "more more more" too, because they are filled with detail. This amount of detail can get annoying, granted -- but I was actively looking for tons of world-building and detail and etc., so I was quite satisfied!

    I think the show also does a really good job of adapting things to the screen. There are certain parts I was dissatisfied with (House of the Undying, for example) but I don't... think I would have been as disappointed if I didn't know of the book version of things. Basically, the books set you up for mild disappointment for the show, I think. Just try to remember that books and TV shows are totally different mediums, and that there's only an hour per show. There's only so much detail they can show, after all. ;) Will mitigate your disappointment, I think.
  8. @Daenelia Hi! Awesome to see you here! Lol, I love A Feast For Crows mostly because it kept up with some of my favorites (Sansa) and got more into Dorne. Now... A Dance with Dragons was kind of a chore because it didn't have a lot of my faves in it but I tried the trick of reading a bit of AFfC, then part of ADwD and back and forth... that actually worked pretty well. It made a much better story that way so I'm kind of one of those who thinks the choice to split them up was brave but possibly not the most successful literary choice in history.

    @Eve If you ever sit there after the show going "... I wonder what X was about" or "... I wish they had more time for that one thing..." then you definitely ought to read them. They go so much more in depth with the characters and lay out the sequence events a lot more clearly. Plus, you may start to understand some of the fan rage on Tumblr. It's sort of like seeing the show is the Cliffs Notes. I love the show too but I view it as a separate entity in a lot of ways because the characters act differently and they (in some places) make wildly different choices (TALISA) because in the book the writer didn't have to make an episode/season wind up neatly. Some of the characters I love way more in the show than in the books (Shae, Ygritte, Tyrion), others... their book counterparts shine brighter (Robb, Asha(who is not named Yara, I just can't with that name), Cat).

    I'm with you @Invisie I always love more detail- when I was younger it's part of why I loved Harry Potter, and now there's Westeros and oh my god the detail and I love it, I don't even care if I'm the world's biggest aSoIaF nerd. And it's true: the books are so vast in scope, no one could get the production budget to do it all properly. Especially House of the Undying, Qarth, Dragonstone.... even things like White Harbor and the Merman's Hall may not be done as spectacularly as I imagine them. But the show makes up for it by usually having a stunning cast and tons of awesome sets.
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    Welcome! Pleasure to meet you, so to speak. :) Aye! Gotta love History! Where would we be without it, hmm?

    ~Lady B
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