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  1. Obstaff

    Obstaff Newcomer

    Hey hey,
    My name's Mandi. I'm terrible at these hello threads but basically I'm 25 and run an Anita Blake/Merry Gentry RPG with two of my good friends who live on the other side of the globe! I'm currently in my last semester of my Bachelor degree in Writing and Publishing and really sad that I'm going to be finishing :( I'm really bad at keeping active and what not, so you'll have to bear with me!

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  2. Shriker

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    Hi Mandi! :) What are you hoping to end up doing once you do get your degree? The writing world is rather vast.

    Also, how do you find managing a game with people who live in different time zones? I imagine that some things would be easier, but others might be difficult.
  3. Lady B

    Lady B Guest

    Hello. And glad to meet you. :)

    ~Lady B
  4. Finishing for our degree is just the start of everything, not the end :)

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