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  1. twigglesticks

    twigglesticks Fresh Blood

    Heya! I'm Twiggle and I like to roleplay way too much for my own good. I've been roleplaying for 15+ years and I'm always down to look for more roleplay sites and create new characters
  2. RachD
    Caffeine Fix

    RachD Resident Game Owner

    What kind of sites do you like? And what kind of posting are you accustomed to? If you post stuff like that you might get recommendations from people that help you out quicker. Good luck and welcome!
  3. Lancar

    Lancar Newcomer

    hey there, if you like Kingdom Hearts we're always down for more characters, now we're discovering new places and all! Hope you find what you're looking for here man
  4. Somniac

    Somniac Resident Game Owner

    New characters are addictive.


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