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    Probably just a wee bit over the top for a headline.

    But it worked because here YOU are too!

    I love history. Fantasy!! Oh fantasy... dragons especially!! I LOVE writing a dragon.. What's NOT to like?!

    I am on a site that allows its members to "own" a room in ANY genre! It's an amazing place, too. Since I am partial to history, I have a room titled theWest. The year is 1850 and the town is named Durant which is located in Wyoming.

    The forum we have is PACKED with helpful information as well. Plus, the town is getting a telegram and we're in the process of building it. Yay!!!

    Forum roleplay was a very new thing for me about 9 years ago when I discovered a site, quite by accident, called Elliquiy. AMAZING writers!!! I've been hooked ever since, too.

    I don't own or run a game... not really...but I am LIKING everything I am seeing when it comes to roleplay be it board or chat or however!!
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    Hello Pepper,
    ~I too like historical. I am on 2 of One is about Venice in 1574, and the other is an old west theme, circa Wyoming 1874...

    Fantasy, not too much; maybe it is the breadth of such that it takes ALOT to wrap my mind around. Oh I have tried but oft too many times have I left due to the magnitude I had to remember. LOL