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    Hi there!

    In these little corners of the internet, I call myself Alma. I've turned 30 recently.

    I've been roleplaying for well over half my life now, starting in Neopets, back when we tried to fool the censors and direct people to offsite pages containing all sorts of ships, cheesy plots, fantasy sues, and whatnot. Eventually, I moved into AIM, and then into InvisionFree and Jcink, where I do most of my roleplaying nowadays.

    I find that as I've become older, stories become more important, and being able to tell them collaboratively has connected me with amazingly creative people.

    I like getting deep into the feels, playing out actions and their consequences, no matter how gritty and dark those may be. I prefer likeminded rp partners who are able and willing to see beyond their personal attachments to characters; beyond the superficiality of smut, and expand on a character's intent until reaching a satisfactory conclusion. In short, I like it when I feel a story is developing. If it feels organic, it's even better.

    I like my websites low-key and my communities small.

    I used to play a lot in Medieval fantasy/ASoIAF circles, but stepped back more than a year ago, hoping to stretch creative muscles in a different direction.

    Along with a friend, I created a small board, based around a modern royal AU. It's called Semper Eadem. If you're interested, you can find that here. I'm also present in New Paradigm. See? I can be versatile.

    I've tried one on one's too, but for some reason, those don't pan out and I get ghosted. Don't be one of those people.

    I'm reachable via Discord. Feel free to ping my inbox if you feel like we'd vibe. :)
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