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    So, apparently I've been a member of this site since 2012, but I appear to have lost the link somewhere since then! So, here I am today making myself known!

    My old handle is Honey Love, though I tend to go by ThistleProse these days (I'll hopefully get around to changing my username here). I run a canon Pern game since 2012 and I have made a lot of really good friends through it! I've been living with one such friend for the past two years, but alas my visa is up and I have to return home :(

    I own four cats (Bubbles, Fizzy, Vodka and Bacardi), three horses (Avalon, Zorina and Kira) and plan to get a puppy when I return home, and have money again lol. I love my animals, and will happily talk about them forever and always <3

    What else? I'm currently reading the Mr. Mercedes series by Stephen King, and am really enjoying it. I didn't even realise it was a tv series until recently, but I've been avoiding it until I finish the books!

    I think that's all off the top of my head! I'm delighted to be here and to meet you all :D
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    Hey there and welcome to RPG Fix :)
  3. Welcome to you Honeylove. Such a pity we didn't meet a few years ago when we had Pern running on our site.