Hello, My Name Is Firefly!

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  1. Firefly

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    Hi! My name is Firefly, I'm a gypsy vanner stallion furry, and though I seem quite large, I'm just a big doofus!! I'm interested in casual rp and maybe something more... adult, we'll just have to see. I humbly request only legal adults, please no minors, I really don't want to be that weirdo, and thanks so much in advance! I am open to most things, put be respectful and don't spring things on me without warning, and I will always do the same.
    It's nice to meet all of y'all!!
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  2. Yona Carlin

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    Hey Firefly, nice to meet you!
  3. Firefly

    Firefly Fresh Blood

    Hi!! How are you?
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    Welcome to the site, Firefly! How's it going?