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    You can address me as Amorous or if you'd like something else more personal, you may call me Mikey, my fursona's name. I hate my real name.
    First off, the thread is titled 'Hello fellow furs' because - this is the most important thing about me - I am a furry. I am okay with all the stereotypes that come with labeling myself a fur, so im completely fine if you decided to call me 'furry trash' or a 'furfag' (That was is actually kinda catchy). Im also a 'nerd' because I play both Yu Gi Oh on my spare time and MtG frequently, when im not roleplaying.
    I am eighteen, a male, and I was born February 9th, 1998. Basic information of mine includes listening to a lot of death metal, reading various books (Mostly of the Redwall series by Brian Jaqcues), and playing my Xbox One when im away from my laptop (Overwatch, Halo, Black Ops III, and Destiny mostly).
    I have been a furry for a little over two years and I have been roleplaying for about four years. In that time, I've roleplayed with many people and decided that this is an amazing past time people scorn as being 'a waste of time because it's not real', which is completely fine. Personally, I think roleplaying is a wonderful way to entertain yourself simply because you're taking part in events that you might want to be a part of in real life, or things that are impossible to take part in because they don't exist (You know, fiction related topics).
    Personally, I like roleplaying somewhere in the past, where there are no guns and big cities, but instead, are different kingdoms and maidens and seas to be crossed; except, every character is always anthropomorphic in shape. That means, paws, tails, sharp teeth, pointy ears, all of it. I used to roleplay as humans when I started out, but I realized that it's funner, at least for me, to roleplay as a fur. There are many different animals to choose from, all with their own characteristics and habits unique to them.
    In addition, many of the stories I write for the sake of roleplaying, will take place in a fictional land called 'Eden'. There are three states of this land which differ depending on what kind of roleplay my partner and I will do.
    -Ataxia; Ataxia is primarily dominated by dragons and wild animals. This is before any sort of bipedal anthro characters exist; no anthros, no humans, nothing like that.
    -Eden; Eden comes hundreds of years after Ataxia, where dragons have disappeared and are replaced with anthros. Species include canines, felines, mustelids, ursines, lagomorphs, cervines, equines, bovine, rodents, and even crocodilians. The largest city-state is Axis Mundis.
    -Ephesus; Ephesus is devoid of much life besides werewold tribes and werecat clans. Many animals are now destorted and left to breed however they like, giving life to dangerous creatures that werecats and werewolves hunt for glory. It is very basic in nature. Most, if not all anthros, live in a floating palace in the sky, where coming down to the land below is restricted for safey purposes. The floating palace is advanced in nature (so there are airships, energy-based weaponry, and many other futuristic attributes).
    Most of the roleplays I do tend to be mature to give them that spice we crave when we roleplay, to try certain things out in a safe way with fictional characters, according to our own curiosity. All I've done is male on female roleplays, but I guess I'd be open to male on male. However, I'd have to be nudged into that. Im straight in real life, which keeps me from maining female characters (I'll play female characters on the side that are secondary characters, but I will never use a female as a primary character. Whenever I play a female, it feels kind of wrong; some people have told me females have a hard time playing male characters, which makes me feel better about that uncertainty I feel).
    I am open to roleplaying as mythical creatures like dragons. Sometimes, I will even roleplay as feral animals, although they feel kind of boring to me, as their figure restricts movement to a certain degree.
    I do not collaborate with people much, since the place I started roleplaying at was mostly people posting stories they came up with and asking if people wanted to do that specific story. Lately though, I have been open to working with people on what kind of ideas they'd like to see written down and played out. Normally, I write stories to exploit what kind of cool things I'd like to try. If there's something you'd like to try that you came up with, don't be afraid to pitch it to me; I'll do my best to work with you :)
    I think that's all anyone trying to roleplay with me would need to know. I am not a good chatter, but we can definitely talk if you wanna get to know me better. I don't mind questions that would seem offensive; I will be honest and answer to the best of my capability!
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    Hey there and welcome to Fix :)
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    Thank you! This is the first ever roleplay site that I've signed up for. I looked for a few and eventually decided on this one!
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    Hiya! My name is Firefly!