Have you ever had an account deleted for inactivity?

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Have you ever had an account deleted for inactivity?

  1. Yes, and I was aware of the site's inactivity policy

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  2. Yes, and I was not aware of the site's inactivity policy

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  3. Nope

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  4. I am not sure

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  1. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Was there a warning period? Did you know beforehand about activity rules, or were you caught up in an account purge with no warning (eg. a Neopets account purge)?

    If you were removed for inactivity, did any of the site owners provide a way to get an archive of your information, or means of getting a character back?
  2. SithLordOfSnark

    SithLordOfSnark Resident Game Owner

    Yeah, and even though I was aware of the inactivity policy and had an absence notice up, they still removed me.
  3. VirusZero

    VirusZero Resident Game Owner

    I've lost a few accounts, but most of them have been non-roleplay related. (I lost 2 battle.net accounts though that was back before the current model of battle.net... This was while StarCraft 1 was still popular and actively played. )

    Though I've had a few sites close on me. But that likely doesn't count (since I could still log in and view things).
  4. Tainted Snow Queen

    Tainted Snow Queen Resident Game Owner

    I've never *really* had an account I care for purged due to inactivity. The closest I've come was being removed from a Y! RPG group for inactivity. But that didn't really purge my account as it was easy to rejoin and pick up where I left off. (The account still existed, just the subscription didn't). While I don't think it's an issue with a PBEM, I've always found account purges in a forum setting to be a bit strange. After all, if someone decides to come back, they lose /all/ of their history with that account. It's harder to find "posts done by X" because they no longer have an account to search. There are things you can do to prevent an account from access to your information in a forum setting (such as changing their user group) that aren't accessible in most PBEM systems.
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  5. Icewolf

    Icewolf Newcomer Game Owner

    Not that I am aware of, however, I sometimes join a site (mainly when I was looking at rp sites that use social networking), make an account, have a look around the site, not really like it's layout and features and not going back to it. They probably have been deleted, but if I've not put a lot of investment in the site, it doesn't bother me if it had. I'd be more concerned if it happened on a site a really wanted to be on.
  6. hypnosis
    Apple Fan

    hypnosis Newcomer Game Owner

    I have been caught up in a purge of sorts. I was on Max-Dan-Wiz, which was a James Patterson site, that had turned into roleplay haven for teens. They deleted everything, saying that we had no right to the information, that all the information belonged to Harper Collins Publishing. So if anything I have create gets used by Harper Collins Publishing they will have a huge law suit on their hands.
  7. Clockwork Galaxy

    Clockwork Galaxy Newcomer Game Owner

    Hmmm... I've been roleplaying for a loooooooong time so I've had a few accounts deleted due to inactivity - some purposefully (I didn't go back because I wasn't happy with the RP site and didn't want people to try to push me into staying) and two because the activity requirements changed and the admins didn't let hiatus members know.

    The crappy thing about the latter example is that the activity requirements changed mid-semester for me. I'm a college student and I'd posted a two month absence so I could keep up with homework and finals prep when I started getting overloaded. The main admin decided she didn't care that I'd posted a hiatus notice, and she deleted everything, including posts and characters.

    The interesting thing is, she's opened and closed that site a number of times at this point, and she still has character posts and apps saved for people who haven't been on it for years at this point, just in case they return and want to play those characters again, but for me? Nope. All gone. I'll never play on one of that admin's sites every again.
  8. dragonwriter

    dragonwriter Newcomer Game Owner

    I tend to outlast the site 0_0
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  9. Clockwork Galaxy

    Clockwork Galaxy Newcomer Game Owner

    I've done that a bunch before, too. It's depressing...
  10. SpiritMafia

    SpiritMafia Newcomer Game Owner

    I probably have, but, usually when I go inactive I never end up back on the site anyway so I wouldn't really know it.
  11. saintarchangel

    saintarchangel Newcomer Game Owner

    hmm, my account has been deleted from a site because i went inactive and i knew they had an account purge policy. i just didnt like the roleplay... otherwise ive survived multiple site purges by popping in occasionally even if i didnt have time to rolaplay so much!
  12. Hebe

    Hebe Newcomer Game Owner

    I have been a part of a game where the GM completely disappeared and then when he came back he yelled at me for not replying to his PM in a timely manner. After that, I kept a record of how long it would take him to reply to me. I was quite infuriated by the way he treated me. But, I never was kicked from a game for inactivity.
  13. Susan Scuro

    Susan Scuro Newcomer

    I was removed from a game for inactivity a few years ago, but I had some real life issues I had to sort out that lead to my abscence and the decision to step away.
  14. Lolotte

    Lolotte Newcomer Game Owner

    I've been removed for inactivity. I think most boards that prune inactive members make that known.
  15. tearian

    tearian Newcomer Game Owner

    I was removed for inactivity only because the staff didn't accept my character, therefore I couldn't play or post. xD
  16. Jax

    Jax Newcomer Game Owner

    I was removed for inactivity due to suddenly being away because of a medical emergency. I was literally in the hospital for a week without any way of reaching out to anyone. I was down another week when I got home and could not get to a computer. Because I disappeared for two weeks with no notice, my accounts were deleted and staff members picked up my fandom canons, and wrote them out of the stories by literally killing them off.
  17. YethorianDravinas

    YethorianDravinas Newcomer Game Owner

    As far as I know I have never had an account deleted for inactivity, however I have deleted other accounts for inactivity on websites that I manage but I have written messages to them prior to respond to the messages or emails and when they don't I would send out a second and third. After the third I sent a notification stating that the account would be deleted and that they would have to remake the account or create a new one if they would like.
  18. Eerie

    Eerie Newcomer Game Owner

    I've only ever had one account deleted for inactivity and in reality I was extremely active, what happened was I went out of town for a weekend like a friday-mon thing and they had no 'absence board' or anything like that. In those four days they posted and ended an activity check (without any kind of alert or e-mail or anything so I had no reason to try and get on) and then deleted anyone who hadn't checked in. So once I was back home and went on, I couldn't get in and then I was so annoyed I just didn't bother re-registering.

    I have definitely deleted members for inactivity but there are rules about in in our main site rules and I usually wait a crazy amount of time before doing that (and usually have an activity check first too that last over a week, which I only do every few months) I also check in members who have posted recently before the check is posted.
  19. pluto

    pluto Newcomer

    I'm usually well aware of the activity rules. Usually, if an account of mine is deleted, I did it myself because I lost interest in the site. Jcink exempt since you can't delete your own accounts. >.>
  20. Rivfader

    Rivfader Newcomer

    I've been that person before that joins a site, creates a character and maybe posts once or twice before vanishing into thin air. Lol, sorry! But sometimes I join, really liking the lore/setting and all of that but I realise that the community isn't really for me. So in those cases my accounts were probably deleted.