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  1. amenities

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    Hola amigos!

    I am a long-time RPer from the website Valucre. I look to bring my advice here and take a little back in return. Now, could someone point me to the nearest dice rolling emulator?
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    Welcome, amenities! Best of luck with the advice - giving and taking is all very worth it. Do you do stat roleplaying or use die for deciding outcomes? Or just for d&d too, I suppose!
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  3. amenities

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    Thanks @webs !

    Personally, I prefer dice systems for sheer purposes of cleanliness, unless the premise of the thread is inherently competitive and RPers want to have control over their characters' fates. I don't like GMing the latter, but I understand the desire to have a say in your character's fate for an RPer who just wants to watch their character be cool.

    What about you?
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