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  1. VarnishedTruths

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    Do you have an FAQ for your game? Do you look for them in games you're considering?

    I've been getting some questions from people who aren't familiar with the style of play my game employs (it's a dressing room journal game), so I'm thinking of writing an FAQ to explain some of the concepts to newcomers. But I'm not sure what the questions would be. So far I've got:
    • How do you join?
    • What is the plot?
    • How do I get my characters involved in plots?
    • What kinds of characters are allowed?
    • Is there an activity check?
    • Is there a word count?
    • Is there an application process?
    Anything else? Suggestions very welcome. :)
  2. Kitsufox
    Caffeine Fix

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    I've been using FAQs as a combination of a way to provide quick updates to game information without going through the process of re-writing game documentation, and for providing a quick way that directs people to game documentation for common questions on game related topics. You can always change tack and adjust the FAQ if you realize your game's specific needs are different.
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  3. Archaeon

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    We don’t currently have an FAQ but I would certainly consider putting one together if the need ever arose. It’s not something I specifically look for in a game but I would never be put off if there was one. I would say that in the case of your game it sounds like a good idea if you’re thinking of it. Have you asked your current members if there’s anything they would have found useful to know before they joined the game? That might be a good place to start.
  4. VarnishedTruths

    VarnishedTruths Resident Game Owner

    I'll be asking for feedback from my current members, yeah. I finished the first draft last night so I've got something to share soon.
  5. Cait

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    We don't have an FAQ--because it stands for "frequently asked questions" and we haven't been getting that many. But I am thinking of putting together a New Player's Guide that points out some of the most important links, puts things in order, etc.
  6. SithLordOfSnark

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    Some of my sites have a FAQ which is mostly just questions we, as staff, think would come up.