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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Crimson, Jan 13, 2016.

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    Lately I've been developing my own PC RPG game so I haven't really been playing any games much. Creating your own game takes a lot of time, and surprisingly exhausting. Making the website has been fun though
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    Solo developers have an excruciatingly high probability of burn-out because there is an overwhelming amount of work building a game vs building a roleplay. If a developer is on their own, there's really little there to encourage them forwards, and the to-do list tends to become longer and longer instead of shorter and shorter.

    - figure out how early you can feasibly release the game and aim to do that, back-burnering the rest for future updates
    - if the game isn't fully featured, tell people clearly, don't give false representations in hopes of karma
    - find people to encourage you
    - play your own game - preferably with people
    - backup your work; preferrably use a backup system you can use and understand competently
    - use good commenting and good programming design - it's worth it later, trust me

    Good luck, brave adventurer!