Funny moments of Role playing

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Mim, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I suppose we've all had those funny, weird, strange moments in our time as role players right?

    I thought I had seen it all, read it all until recently when one well known RPG resource site lost their forum host due to closure. So naturally they had to search around for a new one. One would have thought an organization such as this would have been most professional in doing this...but oh no what did they do? Went to a free hosted Jcink. I couldn't stop laughing for hours.
  2. I was playing on ald Avalon Hill game called "Down with the King". It's not a true role=playing game. Yiou play a noble and builda faction by recruiting other NPCs (represented by cards) and use game cards to insert them into Offices. Then you use their office's influence, plus the influence points from game cards like "Vintners Guild" to usurp the king. You basically roll up the full values of all your influence and see if it surpasses that of the King.

    Of course, there is a great deal more, but anyway. I had an activity to spare, so I rolled on the "Carousing" table. Things went really bad and I ended up convicted of treason and awaiting execution on my next turn. I used my Ambassador to one of the other city-states, my General, along with Prison guards, and Intrigue to escape to my Ambassador's country and start a war.

    At war, the other players cannot play Extradition cards to drag me back and put me out. It was just so disturbingly hilarious to be such a shameless war-monger, keeping the war going, foiling my opponents' attempts to stop it, just to save my sorry ass until I could draw a Royal Pardon card.

    The real beauty of it was that my adversaries spent so much of their power trying to get ME that none of them ever built up enough power to usurp the King, so we ALL
  3. Funniest moment I ever saw was one time I was on a site which revolved around the concept of a high-class boarding school in New York. It was something pretty standard. One day, a new member joined, asked if they could roleplay as a horse. Obviously, they got rejected but their argument for all the reasons why they should be allowed to play a horse will always be funny to me, lmao

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