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  1. I bid to all a fond hello, for I am new, and you are probably not. Call me Hastur, call me Master, Don't really call me Mastur though because that's not my name. Ahem. Anyway, it's nice to meet all of you! I'm a big Lovecraft fan (Yeah, I bet you couldn't tell) and I love to write (Again, I bet you couldn't tell!). I of course also love to read, some favourites include the popular works of Tolkein (Hobbit, Fellowship), Neil Gaimen and Terry Pratchet, as well as David Eddings (Mainly his Belgarion and Mallorean series, man those were good, same with the Redemption of Althaleus.

    Anyway, I look forward to meeting some new people here! I'll catch you on the flip side!
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  2. Shriker

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    Haha, hello Master Hastur. :) What is your favourite Neil Gaiman book?
  3. My favourite was actually the collaboration with Terry Pratchet, Good Omens, though I really enjoyed what bit of Sandman I actually got to read before my friend took his graphic novel back XD
  4. Lady B

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    How's about Master Hastur? ;)
    Pleased to meet you nevertheless. And... ditto!

    ~Lady B
  5. I'd recommend American Gods, really. Or the short stories. Sandman is nice, but not very consistent imo. Maybe that is its charm :)

    Welcome anyway!
  6. Hey there and welcome. Ever play a board game called Elder Sign? I think its lovecraft inspired, something ive been meaning to get since it looks fun.
  7. Master Hastur works for me Lady B! 8D

    I've heard American Gods is pretty good too, been meaning to get around to it, one day though!

    Zack, yes, I've played Elder Sign, and Arkham Horror too, that's where I got obsessed with being the King in Yellow! Even got my own yellow robe x3
  8. Lady B

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    :: sounding creepy; worships on knees like a goofy nutcase ::: Maaaahhhh-ssttaaaahhhhh!! :: bows to the floor over and over and over again ::
    ROTFLMAO! Couldn't help it, sorry. ;)

    ~Lady B
  9. No no poppet, please by all means, continue to worship me, this is fine!
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  10. Lady B

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    LMAO!! Poppet? Now THAT I've not been called in a while! ;)

    ~Lady B
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