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    Play-by-post forum role play games seems to be steadily declining as time goes on (or I'm super old and just don't know anyone anymore) so I offer free hosting for these types of sites. I do have a limited amount of accounts I offer at a free rate (paid hosting slots must outweigh free); as of posting this I have 14 available slots.

    Server Information:
    • Privately owned server stored in a data center in the United States; all hosted accounts are on shared hosting plans within this server.
    • I will host any type of content that is not illegal; 18+ sites are welcome IF an age verification filter is installed OR content is hidden to guest and registration collects DOB.
      • I will not host any site that creates a hateful, discriminatory, or toxic environment in which marginalized or protected groups are isolated. Don't really expect this type of behavior from the RPG community but I just want to make this clear.
    • All hosted sites are provided with their own cPanel account.
    • Remote access, such as file upload, is restricted to WebDAV access only (personally use WinSCP and have no problems with it).

    Free Plan Information:
    • 5GB Disk Space; more can be discussed at a later date if you need it but every RPG site I've hosted over the last year and half has not exceeded this limit.
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 0 Email Accounts; I ask my RPG admins to make use of free providers like google (there is a way to use custom domain emails with google as well and I'm happy to help with this).
    • 1 SQL Database; for the forum itself.

    Domain/Sub Domain Information:
    • I am happy to host a site under a subdomain ( or with your own custom domain.
      • If you choose to use your own custom domain you will be 100% responsible for the purchase and renewal of the domain.

    ToS Simplified:
    1. I retain the right to:
      1. access website content/files without permission IF it is to fix critical bug(s) or enforce US law compliance
      2. terminate hosting at any time with or without reason
      3. remove websites violating copyright laws
      4. remove websites violating US laws
    2. You will be responsible for:
      1. your own database backups as i will not be responsible for any loss of data
      2. storing your backups OUTSIDE of my server (google drive for example)
      3. creating policies based on site usage (privacy policy if you collect personal data, tos if user engagement, refund policy if you collect payments, etc.)
    3. Websites not suitable for underage children (18+) must have age verification filter installed OR content is hidden to guest and registration collects DOB.
    • My hosting does not come with guaranteed support other than something that is an error or issue on my end of the server. I will not be required to help you build, maintain, debug, or otherwise structure/fix your website. Folks new to self hosting, I do not bite! I will do my best to help explain or assist you where I can but I cannot promise to be available immediately.
    • I will not be responsible or held liable for server downtime or data loss, as a website owner you should be performing daily backups of your data and storing it elsewhere for safe keeping. This is a hobby for me, I am not a large webhost service like Dream Host or Host Gator.

    Contact Me:
    Join Discord (active link on WidowCC website) (slow response times)
    Or click the "Free RPG Hosting" button in my signature!

    NOTICE: I cannot run IPS Community at this time. Most all of my hosted sites use MyBB or WordPress, if you want to use something else let me know and I'll test to make sure I can run it first before we continue.
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    Best hosting! <3
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