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  1. Okay, maybe just films you realllyyyyy like and want to share.

    Best film for when you're off work/school and lying in bed feeling sick and sorry for yourself:
    - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    I don't know why, but combined with lemon tea and honey, this film cures the toughest cold/flu for me. (Or it is the paracetemol...)

    Any films we should see when we're feeling lonely, romantic, ill, happy, childlike?
  2. Lady B

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    LOVE THAT! So many great movies. But one I'm sure hardly anyone has seen... it's a Silent Film (yes, that old!) called "Orphans of the Storm". What a heck of a story! It's well deserving of a fantastic remake! It's about two sisters who make a trek to Paris as one sister has gone blind and there's hope that her sight can be restored. But one their way there, things start to take a turn for the worse and the one sister (the one who can see) is kidnapped and taken to a wicked Aristocrat who wants to use her, leaving the blind sister to wander about frightened and she is taken in but unfortunately is used and abused, too. The sister who can see, she is rescued by a young dashing Aristocrat who is not corrupt. The one sister searches furiously and tirelessly for her lost sister, all the while the French Revolution has begun and continues to rage. The sister with her Aristocrat is now under fire and could be sentenced to death!
    Eventually, the two sisters do find one another and we learn that the blind sister is actually the lost daughter of an Aristocrat. The whole family is reunited and have escaped to England where they all live happily ever after, and.. the blind sister's sight has been restored!
    There's simply a good number of movies but that one... I'm sure too few people have seen!

    ~Lady B
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  3. Could be that the film is not so much out there because it is overshadowed by the controversy around Birth of a Nation. Maybe. I can see how that could have had a detrimental effect on Griffith's other films. But despite the subject matter, he was quite the pioneer in early film history. But then, so was Leni Riefenstahl, I guess.

    I'll see if I can find Orphans of the Storm somewhere. Sounds like an interesting film on many levels.
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  4. Lady B

    Lady B Guest

    It's a worthwhile film. I saw it on a local channel at like 3am while working out a costume. LOL

    Birth of a Nation I have yet to see all the way through. Some of the Silent Films are so hard to find! The only one I have... is Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera. Only because that's as well desired as anything from Charlie Chaplin.

    ~Lady B
  5. I sat through many silent films in university. The aptly named 'Ivan the Terrible' is indeed a terrible film. Don't be fooled into watching that one. It's agonisingly slow and with even more terrible overacting than is necessary in a silent film. But egh, films one should see:

    Cry Freedom.

    I watched it again recently and it still holds up as a very good film.
  6. Lady B

    Lady B Guest

    Hmmm... shall have to look into that one. I've not heard of it.

    LOL... so Ivan the Terrible is a lot like Citizen Kane, just makes you wonder WHY it was made and why people praise it? :)

    ~Lady B
  7. Eferhilda

    Eferhilda Newcomer Game Owner

    "Clan of the Cave Bear"

    It was adapted from a great book series called Earth's children by Jean M.Auel. It is where I first got my desire and passion to write stuff on my own.
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  8. I LOVE Cold Comfort Farm; it's this amazing, odd little movie based on a very funny book and I wish everyone could see it, though I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. It's set in the 20s/30s and city girl Flora Poste's parents have died leaving her very little money and so she consults with her wealthy friend and decides to write to some of her relatives to see if they'll take her in because you know, working is so declasse, and she ends up moving off to the country with this really eccentric branch of her dad's cousins and dealing with their hilarious lives (Cold Comfort Farm is of course said to be cursed, everyone's a little whacky, etc).

    My other fave that some people can't stand is Marie Antoinette, but it is soooo pretty, and I love Sofia Coppola's movies so i don't care, it makes me happy, lol.
  9. Shriker

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    It is wonderfully cheesy, and so very, very 90s. Not to mention that the music in it was phenomenal. The music was so good in fact, that it spawned not only two, but three Hacker's soundtracks. I have all three of the soundtracks up here on Grooveshark.
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  10. Eve

    Eve Resident

    The Fountain is a film I have seen probably too many times, I really love it. It's a bit of a mind trip and needs a couple of views to fully grasp everything that's going on and all the subtleties, but I highly recommend it if you like something like that. On the other hand, if you don't, it'll probably be unrelentingly boring.
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  11. In Time. Idk why I like the movie as much as I do but I do. Wonder Boy is a great film as well and I found myself at times rooting for and against the protagonist. Winters Bone is also very good, watched it before Jennifer Lawrence played the part of Mystique in Xmen First Class, she gives an amazing performance in this film.
  12. Invisie

    Invisie internet forever Curator

    @deliriums child -- omg Marie Antoinette I love that movie. Everyone I've ever showed it to has been all, "What the hell are you watching?" at me, though, so meh. Whatever to them.

    Probably for me forcing other people to watch -- the "trifecta" of drug abuse movies (imo). Trainspotting, Spun, and Requiem for a Dream. I wish there was a movie about prescription drug abuse, though. That one would be important to stick in there and make it a... quad-fecta or whatever.

    Or my quad-fecta of "post-apocalyptic" movies: Children of Men, 28 Days Later, Escape from New York and Escape from Los Angeles. Two awful scenarios followed by 80s/90s badassery to cheer you back up. yay!
  13. RiseOfTheG

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    For me it would be Cloud Atlas hands down. It's visually appealing and the story is remarkable. Have you guys seen it? Oooh or Inception! I've been adding some pretty neat looking movies to my Netflix too.
  14. xmxsummer

    xmxsummer Newcomer Game Owner

    Without a doubt, Mary & Max is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The animation style resembles that used in Coraline. It's a beautiful, bitter sweet story about two 'outcasts' who connect with each other and it follows their story from when Mary is a child all the way to a grown woman. It had me in tears at the end, but it was a very touching movie. Even people who aren't fans of animated movies would enjoy the story itself in my opinion. It is narrated, there isn't a lot of talking from the characters themselves from what I remember though. Still, I would highly recommend it to everyone!

    On the more horror-esque side, I just watched American Mary with Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps Back, Ginger Snaps 2) and that was really good. It explored the dark side of body modification, which I never really knew much about, and was over all really good to me- if not somewhat odd in some parts.
  15. Iztak

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    I finally watched Albert Nobbs starring Glen Close last night. Fantastic!

    It's set in 19th century Ireland, and Close plays a woman who's been living as a man who works in a fancy hotel for nearly her whole life. It's a great story and so well acted. On top of that, it really inspects pretty hard what it means to perform our gender and how strictly gender performance is scrutinized and regulated.
  16. Lux

    Lux Newcomer

    Crash has always been a favorite of mine, and I recommend it to anyone. Babel, Magnolia, and Cloud Atlas are great as well.
  17. Krause

    Krause Newcomer

    Oh gosh, I can see my recommendations list growing every second.
    I'll leave the following.
    Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion (lighthearted, funny, etc)
    Headwig and the Angry Inch (A hidden gem LGBTQ-themed, a bit, but brilliant. Don't get me started on the soundtrack!)
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  18. Spiffy

    Spiffy Newcomer

    Secret of Kells' lack of popularity always bothered me! It's a bit odd, but it's got a pretty good story and some really unique and appealing animation.
  19. HowlingInSync

    HowlingInSync Newcomer

    The movie Spirit ,
    a horse movie xD
  20. Claire

    Claire Resident

    Brotherhood of the Wolf.
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